Issue 4 2020

Feb20054 Issue 4 2020 37 Planning for Success As businesses become more complex and interconnected, the need for more sophisticated systems has become increasingly obvious. The team at Exceedra understand exactly what a modern business requires, providing exceptional work in the field of integrated business planning and revenue management systems for CPG. As we continue to showcase example of Corporate Excellence, we turn our attention to Exceedra, named as Most Outstanding Business Planning Solution, 2020 – USA. For the last two decades, Exceedra has grown from a small integrated business planning company, operating primarily in the UK into an award-winning, multi-national organization. It is hard work, business acumen and innovative thinking that has transformed this company into such an amazing success. When it comes to integrated business planning and revenue management systems, the team at Exceedra have made the process as straightforward as possible. A modular approach gives clients the ability to make their system work for them, allowing businesses to draw on an impressive range of capacity and sophistication. The range includes Trade Promotion Management (TPM), Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO), Trade Promotion Management Foodservice, Customer Business Planning (CBP), Joint Business Planning (JBP), Demand Planning, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Retail Execution. It allows companies to have support when they need it, in these key areas. Often, the companies that turn to Exceedra for assistance need a little more help to find the best possible solution and the team have become adept at understanding the needs and demands of each customer, so that the right solution can be established. Not only do businesses find an impressive level of customer service with Exceedra, but they are given a roadmap that provides guidance on how best to allow the system to mature with the company. This highly capable and easy to use solution is the secret behind the team’s impressive success. In order to achieve success, Exceedra’s software is designed specifically to provide immediate benefits to a business, not only in terms of capacity, but with regards to speed and efficiency in the planning and execution process. What clients receive is not just the software, but the knowledge of how to leverage that software to their advantage. Although it boasts humble beginnings in the United Kingdom, offices in the US and Australia ensure that Exceedra has a truly international attitude. Not content with exploring the possibilities of Great Britain and Northern Island, the team have been planning the most effective way of disrupting the global market. The aim is ambitious, but straightforward, focusing on becoming the de facto solution for integrated business planning and revenue management for consumer goods companies worldwide. E-commerce has made an incredible difference to the way in which this market runs, and Exceedra has had to adapt not only to the new big names in the industry, but the ease with which people are able to join it. Exceedra has made its business in adapting to new ways of working, and is already striving to make improvements to its products that will help clients to combat these challenges. The pressures that clients face are mirrored in the roadmap that Exceedra provides, and ensuring that their roadmap is always accurate keeps the company grounded. Looking forward, the Exceedra team plans to focus on customer value generation, looking for ways in which it can maintain its position as the leading global provider of purpose-built software to the food distribution industry. This process has already begun, with the company well on the way to delivering real value in TPM and IBP, thanks to the introduction of machine learning. Finding new ways to work has been key to the success of Exceedra, and it’s a way of operating that has opened new possibilities for this impressive company. It’s what has allowed them to achieve such incredible success. Contact: Chris Rice Website: Email: [email protected]