Issue 4 2020

Nov19184 Building Up Brilliant Business Professionals High-performing individuals often find themselves working in environments that are also highly stressful, be it through job-imposed deadlines or self-imposed goals that can sometimes be unachievable. Every businessowner and professional encounters problems in both their business and personal lives, but there is a solution. Claire Buck is the Business Coach of the Year 2020 – United Kingdom, recognised by Corporate Vision. We took a closer look to find out more about the services she offers to clients. For five years, Claire Buck has been instrumental in helping both business owners and professionals overcome seemingly insurmountable problems in their work and personal lives alike. Since founding her own firm, Claire Buck Lifestyle & Business Coaching, in 2015, Claire has wholly dedicated herself to helping those individuals by specialising in building high-performing, emotionally-intelligence environments whilst keeping a person-centred approach. Working on either a one-to-one basis, or with small teams of up to twelve people, Claire has successfully brought lasting change to many professional’s lives, empowering them to solve their own problems, reaching greater heights than before, but in emotionally sustainable ways. Deeply ingrained into everything that Claire does are qualities such as honesty, truth, integrity, and compassion. Both business owners and professionals are made to feel comfortable around her, delving into personal topics that could be a root cause for stagnation or any other issues that may arise during a course of coaching. However, what is arguably at the heart of Claire’s success is her ability to listen exceptionally well. Rather than probe and ask invasive questions, she allows her clients to open up in confidence, believing that Claire can help them get to where they want to be. Armed with a wealth of vast experience, combined with unparalleled training and personal development, Claire has enabled herself to put together a coaching model that is truly empowering for clients. More than confidence and empowerment however, it provides solutions to real problems for business owners and professionals across a myriad of areas. Some are personal, some are team-based, and some are a combination of both. Issues that business owners and professionals can face include not getting enough from a team, a lack of team alignment, employees resisting a change in culture, a lack of agreement on a new strategy, not being confident enough in approaching difficult conversations, and many more. The more personal issues can include burnout, feeling overwhelmed, a lack of trust, needing a succession plan, or simply having to work alongside people that they don’t get along with. Claire’s solutions work quickly and effectively to get to the root of the problem, before efficiently managing those problems. Whether that is through a one-to-one session, a group session, a group alignment, or a group away day, Claire seeks to bring people together in a search for the answers to these business and personal problems. How can teams become more aligned, and how can professionals stop themselves from feeling overwhelmed and getting burned out? The discovery session can all be managed either inhouse, offsite, or through technology and virtual meetings. Claire’s desire to bring people together in searching for these answers and providing this help is what has seen her continue to achieve success and be crowned this years’ Business Coach of the Year 2020 – United Kingdom in Corporate Vision magazine. At the core of Claire’s work is the belief that everyone, business owner or professional employee, has the ability to empower themselves in life, relationships, and business. These are three core areas of everyday life for so many people and getting them right is imperative to success. Claire helps her clients resolve conflicts, overcome obstacles, secure success, and achieve alignment. Businesses all over the country can benefit from what Claire offers as a business coach, but most importantly, the people working in those businesses can find meaning in their work again. Claire Buck is an exceptional business coach, and one of the finest that the United Kingdom has seen. Company: Claire Buck Lifestyle & Business Coaching Contact: Claire Buck Website: