Issue 4 2020

Feb20567 Painting the Bigger Picture On new buildings or restorations, paint is a key factor in creating the best possible finish. With the ability to make a stunning impact, finding the right company to handle this work is crucial. The team at LIME Painting have proven their ability time and time again, ensuring that customers see their property as a canvas to be explored. Worthy winners of Most Outstanding Commercial Painting Company 2020 – Colorado in this year’s Corporate Excellence Awards, we look more closely to find out more. Based in Denver, the team at LIME are unparalleled in their ability to create something beautiful. Not matter what the project, they are always able to find the best way to add some color. Specializing in in painting, coatings, and surface restoration for custom homes and businesses, the company has found itself in high demand, and the need for this sort of work doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The crux of the work that LIME undertakes can be found in the way in which houses are now constructed. Custom properties are now constructed with many different surfaces, each surface with its own rate of deterioration. This means that not only must each surface have its own type of coating to ensure protection in the long run, but complete and effective restoration must be undertaken first to ensure a job well done. LIME’s capable team are more than equipped to handle this work in its entirety. All the way from the initial Visual Reality Consultation to the final project audit, there are few organizations better equipped to manage a project. The use of visual reality is typical of LIME, using the latest in technology to achieve superior results consistently. As a result of this attitude, there is very little beyond the reach of the team creatively, and it means that customers are able to let their imaginations run free on their homes and commercial properties. In many ways, it’s not just the ability to utilize this creative spark that sets LIME above the competition, it’s the thoroughness with which they operate. Each of the projects that LIME works on brings its own unique set of challenges. This can include the restoration of stamped concrete, or the modernization of cabinets. Some of the buildings that the LIME team have painted needed a complete retexturing of the walls throughout the entirety of the interior space. LIME’s team complete all of this work with an attention to detail, a high level of due diligence and enviable expertise that can only benefit custom property owners of all sorts. The success of LIME is down to a number of factors, with the use of the industry’s highest performing preparation and finishing products. Ensuring that only the best items are used by the team gives customers the assurance that the superb end-results that LIME produces will stand the test of time. By taking a little longer at the beginning of the process, ensuring that the canvas on which the LIME team will create their masterpiece is perfect, the team guarantees an ideal result. As well as using the best equipment on the market, LIME keeps its standards high by vetting and recruiting only the best artisans. In-house carpenters, masons, gutter specialists, drywall installers mean that every part of a property is constructed to the same high quality, while those who work for the company are considered artisan talent that is to be trained and retained as opposed to used and disposed of as and when. In all, LIME proposes a way of high-quality work built on solid foundations. Determined to make a lasting impression, it’s no surprise that the team have been able to achieve such success with their customized way of operating. It’s a credit to the company that more than just providing painting services, they have transformed the way in which people see the industry. Company: LIME Painting Contact: Nick Lopez Web Address: