Issue 4 2020

Celebrating Clear Communications When it comes to business, communication has become more and more important. Getting the right message out there can make or break a company. When it comes to working with clients, there are few finer than Perceptive Communicators, which is why they have been named as Scotland’s Most Outstanding Integrated PR Agency – 2020 in CV’s continuing series of Corporate Excellence Awards. We profiled the firm to see how they did it. Since 2006, Scotland has been home to Perceptive Communicators. Driven by a talented team of PR, marketing, public affairs, event management, market research and social media experts, they have been helping clients to communicate more effectively to better achieve their business goals. The team’s success is built on using the resources that it has carefully. While some agencies put the big guns in to pitch, before passing the work to others, Perceptive Communicators always keeps the same team working on a project throughout. Not only does this build a stronger relationship, but it keeps all members of the team focused on getting the best possible result for a client. Much of the work that Perceptive Communicators undertakes is in the field of construction and property as well as life sciences and health. This is because the team has experts in these areas, making them uniquely qualified to provide the best results. This approach has been of great benefit to the team, with some clients including large blue-chip brands like Henry Boot Developments, Thermo Fisher and Scottish Water. The team also works alongside start-ups and SMEs such as Construction Scotland Innovation Centre and Homes for Scotland. With a laser focus on specific areas, reflected in the types of client that is taken on by the agency, the team hold to be considered the consultancy of choice in the industry. It’s an aim entirely within the company’s sights, as clients are frequently impressed at how Perceptive Communicators’ promises are usually exceeded. As much as 98% of the firm’s business has come from direct referrals. Working with clients in a crisis situation is where the team have been able to excel, not only achieving incredible results, but staying calm in a stormy situation. The team are always looking into the latest ways of advertising businesses, with the role of technology playing an important part. The channels of influence are always changing, and vary depending on the sort of client and business that needs help. LinkedIn, for example, is an amazing tool in the right hands, and the team has trained over 1500 people on how to use this for commercial gain. Bespoke training for the media has also been a major part of the work done by Perceptive Communicators, with many companies particularly interested in what can be offered by the team’s Parliamentary training. This course passes on decades of learned experience, allowing companies not only to navigate the corridors of Government, but to influence them effectively and prepare for events like Parliamentary or Committee enquiries. The structure of the company has gone a long way to making the business into a success. Essentially flat in nature, all members of the team have an equal voice in the direction of Perceptive Communicators. The business model of only hiring experts who are experienced in PR as well as having been a client themselves enables the team to easily see the other side of a discussion. It’s an empathetic approach that has paid dividends in the long run. Dec19135 Needless to say, the future looks bright for Perceptive Communicators, with exciting plans to achieve 20% growth year on year. This will be achieved by specialising in core sectors that the company is familiar with, in order to better gain the trust of businesses within it. As the digital and social media markets continue to play major roles in PR, the company also has an eye on the best way to develop in that direction. With the role of PR ever more important, businesses must turn to companies that understand their specific needs and their specific markets. This is one of the reasons why Perceptive Communicators has not just succeeded for the last fourteen years, but why it continues to succeed in 2020. Always thinking of the next big step, this is a business that will thrive for years to come. Company: Perceptive Communicators Contact: Julie McLauchlan Email: [email protected] Working with clients in a crisis situation is where the team have been able to excel, not only achieving incredible results, but staying calm in a stormy situation.