Issue 4 2021

A Data-driven Success Story Strategic marketing is key to success for many businesses, with the right words in the right place able to make a real difference to their sales. The team at NoA Connect, part of the impressive North Alliance, not only know the importance of this, but know how to leverage the situation on behalf of their customers. We take a closer look at how this incredible team has been able to achieve such success. Data lies at the heart of NoA Connect, offering a way of designing and implementing marketing operating models that can link together a client’s processes, technology, and people. This three-pronged attack enables clients to tie upper-funnel communication with lower funnel activation, allowing them to grow their business in the most effective way. The world of marketing has changed dramatically over the last few years, and only those businesses that take the time to understand new ways of working can expect to survive. The work that NoA Connect undertakes is specifically designed to transform the way in which a business works, accelerating not only the sales process, but the capabilities of the marketing team. Through this approach, the team are able to help companies and people expand more quickly. Many different clients require this sort of work, and the team work with a wide range including consumer-facing and B2B firms. Each has its own unique challenges, and the most interesting aspect for the team at NoA Connect is developing ways in which they can assist the company best. For some, this involves a strategic approach, exploring the directions in which a business will go or take a look at the fundamentals that bind the business together. Once the gaps in an enterprise have been found, it is possible for the team to work with the clients to accelerate business growth from within. When the NoA team come onto a project, they bring some of the most talented people in the industry, who have proven experience bringing about success for some of the most impressive brands in the Nordics. Coupled to strategic, senior industry-experience and knowledge is an impressive level of specialist and operational know-how. This allows the team to stand apart when advising their clients on the way forward. By working on projects with consideration to both of these factors, it’s possible to make rapid progress forward. Clients and staff alike can quickly see the fruits of their labours. The same team works on each individual project and is able to see and react swiftly to the results. The process is one which drives realistic and grounded strategic insights from people who understand what your business is all about. Key to this success is the ability of the team to work as an integrated part of their client’s teams. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this work more difficult, though the team have been able to take advantage of remote meetings and workshops. In some ways, it has proven very useful as people are more accessible on a day-to-day basis, but the loss comes from the more intimate human conversations around the water cooler. The little signals and moments you get in real life are lost in a digital meeting. The way forward will no doubt see a return to meeting clients face-to-face while also incorporating the practical benefits of a digital lifestyle. Looking ahead, the future seems bright for NoA Connect. The team will focus more on how to incorporate more of its offering with the rest of the NoA house. While NoA Connect provides invaluable data-driven marketing advice, there are a wealth of different approaches that can be taken. There is a need for the unique services that NoA Connect is able to offer, with many companies struggling to link upper funnel branding activities with lower funnel activation. The result is companies that have uncoupled teams, unclear plans and ineffective communications. It’s a problem to which NoA Connect has the solution, and is where the team can shine. Company: NoA Connect Contact: Anders Nygren Email: [email protected] Web Address: Email: [email protected] Feb21541 Anders Nygren, CEO NoA Connect Sweden