Issue 4 2021

Feb21530 “Our staff are key,” he enthuses. “From our staff who take initial enquiries, right through to our after-sales team who conduct the follow- up training. This enthusiasm is felt when customers interact with us and we truly believe this has led to our immense success.” Despite the Covid-19 pandemic providing an increase in demand for products such as Inspired Inspiration’s offering, it has also presented challenges along the way. Arguably the biggest of these is the fact that the company was unable to physically demonstrate the touchscreen activity tables in person at care homes. However, the company found a way to ensure they could still showcase their products which ultimately led to them getting even more custom! “By diversifying into online demonstrations, we’ve been able to reach a larger audience and assist more settings in having our technology. We can also give a better after care service, as we now don’t have travelling taking up our valuable time. Our team can now complete a training session with one client and move almost instantly into training with the next at the push of a button in Zoom or Microsoft Teams.” In fact, this method has become so successful that Stewart will be continuing to use this online model in the future to attract further interest and reach new audiences. There are also a few product-based plans in the offing too. “We are looking at adding to our product range, so we can assist more care and education settings with our technology, as well as potential applications that we would like to develop based on our experiences so far.” Company: Inspired Inspirations Contact: Stewart Bates Website: Inspiring Innovations Providing high-quality interactive touchscreen activity tables specifically designed for the care and education sector, Inspired Inspirations technology has never been more important than it is today in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. We speak to Director, Stewart Bates, about the company and its core offering. Inspired Inspirations supplies touchscreen technology to the care, education and health sector and was founded with the rationale that, with the correct training, there are many service users and students that will hugely benefit from large touchscreen technology. “Just think of a giant Android tablet built into a solid oak surround, on a base that houses a large battery to allow you to use it all day long, and smooth-running wheels for easy movement between rooms in your care or education setting. The screen is toughened for the more robust users, with the unit having access to the Google Play store for unlimited fun, activities and educational options,” elaborates Director, Stewart Bates, speaking of the firm’s key offering. Due to the devastating impact that Covid has had on care homes, Stewart and the team at Inspired Inspirations have been more focused on the care sector recently. With outside entertainers not being able to visit care homes, there have been reduced options for activities and well-being staff to keep residents mentally and physically active. “Having a giant tablet on wheels to be able to take around residents, with a huge range of activities and entertainment options, has seen our tables now become a necessity in care homes recent times, rather than a luxury,” he highlights. It’s clear to see that Stewart is extremely passionate about the difference that these tables make in the lives of residents and service users across the care sector, and the education sector too. Having seen a noticeable difference in the confidence, abilities and mental well-being of those that have access to such technology, Inspired Inspirations’ dedicated team is spurred on to ensure as many service users as possible can have access to these products. Inspired Inspirations finds many potential customers through its social media channels as well as its website, where clients can view hundreds of pictures and videos of the tables in use. As well as its online media, new clients can read positive testimonials from current clients from across the UK, who explain the huge difference they see in their service users since incorporating touchscreen technology into their environment. “The main two differences between us and our competitors are the products we offer and the service our clients receive,” says Stewart. “We don’t know of anyone who offers such a robust product that has been designed for the most challenging care and education environments, or the back-up service and training that is available through us.” Inspired Inspirations includes a full usage guide with all orders as well as training that teams can sign up for to ensure that care and education settings are getting the most use from their investment and the best value for money. Incorporating touchscreen technology can often be a new experience for a lot of settings, so Inspired Inspirations provides the best support possible to ensure maximum positive use. It’s not just an innovative product that has made the company so successful. Stewart is quick to sing the praises of his dedicated workforce who live and breathe the company’s core values, thus assisting in improving the lives of clients mentally, physically, and emotionally. Issue 4 2021 17