Issue 4 2021

Feb21319 Filling the Technological Gap The world of technology has revolutionised the way in which many companies do business, but many organisations have struggled to integrate the potential of the latest innovations into the way they operate. The team behind Xiatech Consulting were named Best Real-Time Technology Integration & Consulting Firm – 2021 in Corporate Vision’s rolling series of Corporate Excellence Awards. We take a closer look to discover why. Founded in 2013, the team behind Xiatech have grown quickly into one of the most highly regarded names in the business. With a reach that stretches around the world, the team are experts in enabling Digital Transformation through highly innovative System Integration, Big Data, BI and Analytics. Xiatech knows their customers well because they used to work for them. The Xiatech team has come together from various end-user industries to offer data and integrations solutions to integrate systems and drive informed business decisions. While many companies offer these services, few bring the expertise and experience that Xiatech possess, but in particular under one roof - the Single Data View platform. As a result of being able to combine this immense experience with some world-beating technology, the Xiatech team have been able to work on some large-scale integration programmes for household names. Organisations such as Tesco, River Island, FitFlop, Reiss, G-Star RAW, Flying Tiger and the Woodland Trust have been able to take advantage of the Cloud-based Xiatech platform and services, especially as they are designed to be highly scalable to deal with the challenges that these multi- channel, high-throughput, complex businesses present. Put simply, Xiatech and the Single Data View platform enables businesses to digitally transform through accelerating system integration, data and business change At the heart of the operation is the Xiatech Single Data View© platform (SDV). This has a combined FTE development effort of over 100 FTE years, and provides companies with a modern method of integrating systems and unifying data. The SaaS solution is provided on a subscription basis and works in real- time, offering an automated platform to integrate systems and deliver a 360 degree perspective on data that has been collected. The SDV also delivers industry-standard reporting and data analytics, enabling clients to explore the data they have collected easily and effectively. The Single Data View platform provides three important functions for Xiatech’s customers: 1. A real-time system integration platform 2. A streaming data management system unlocking data silos and creating a single consolidated view of an organisation’s data 3. Real-time dashboards, analytics and data insight The SDV sits at the heart of an organisation’s system landscape, integrating all transactions and data from operational and customer facing systems. This includes everything from e-Commerce to warehouse management to social media. The SDV runs on highly scalable and resilient cloud-based technology to ensure that the service is accessible anywhere, collaborating with Amazon and Google to guarantee the smoothest possible operation. The SDV systems can also be implemented on Microsoft’s Azure cloud where required. Xiatech assists their customers through Digital Transformation programmes, enabling them to overcome the various challenges faced. The implementation of the SDV platform deals with the data, system and integration issues faced by the customer’s business, whereas the Xiatech team also deals with the softer challenges through engaging with their customers’ leadership teams and ensuring that the change associated with the impact on people, process and skills is carefully considered and planned. This novel approach which Xiatech labels ‘Hyper Integration’ introduces a unique operating model, through which the Xiatech team helps shape the various parts of a business into a single, clearly interconnected organisation. New roles such as Data Champions & Stewards are created and Xiatech assists their customers to land the change that is normally associated with access to new previously untapped data and insights. Alongside the delivery of the Single Data View platform, Xiatech’s customers are taken through a programme of change sustained by a leading-edge SDV platform to deliver transformational access to integrated systems and data. Business and IT leaders can therefore leverage the value of the SDV platform for various use cases: 1. Accelerate the introduction of new channels to market through faster integration of systems 2. Unlock data silos and provide access to previously untapped data 3. Reduce the high cost of digital transformation investments, through faster and cheaper integration, vital to creating an agile organisation that is able to quickly respond to market opportunities. 4. Accelerate the delivery of ROI on key programmes of work through a quicker speed to market and removing integration and data from the critical path Those who have taken on the offering that Xiatech has brought to them have seen enormous change incredibly quickly. The SDV opened the door to driving a 25% YoY improvement in sales for a fashion retailer, uncovered $1m worth of ‘invisible’ inventory to enable an increase in online sales and was able to deliver a real-time Black Friday dashboard that could keep pace at one of the busiest times of the year. Speedy integration and access to data is essential to the modern business, and Xiatech makes it possible. Company: Xiatech Website: Contact: Jonathan Summerfield - CEO & Founder Email: [email protected]