Issue 4 2021

Issue 4 2021 41 While this opens the door for more business for OVHcloud, it also presents new challenges. There are greater demands to maintain privacy of data and security that must be met alongside the shift for many companies towards a Multi-cloud solution. This involves companies meeting their new IT needs by working with a range of cloud service providers. Ensuring that data is safe across these multiple suppliers is a new and exciting challenge for businesses to face. It’s clear that 2020 changed the way in which people work, and this is a change that will not revert. The digital transformation has been accelerated across public and private sector industries, enabling people to take advantage of increased agility and productivity as well as improved collaboration. When the team at OVHcloud look to the future, they look at the way in which sustainability, data privacy and security will shoot up the priority list for businesses, who’s needs they must place front and centre in any decisions that are made. As the team marches into 2021, they look forward to working with new and exciting partners as part of the European GAIA-X initiative. This reflects an industry-wide commitment to data transparency and security, drawing on over 300 members from 18 countries. With new developments such as a trusted public cloud offering for data-sensitive businesses in partnership with T-Systems as well as collaborations with Google, IBM and Atos in the offing, it’s clear that OVHcloud is not just at the forefront of the industry, it is leading the way for companies around the world. Web Address: Email: [email protected]