Issue 4 2021

Sharpening Benefit Strategies Today, Springbuk serves more than 4,000 employers and 285 benefits advisors with data integration from more than 180 health benefits plans and vendors. Unlike legacy solutions, at Springbuk, data-driven decision-making is simplified with an intuitive user experience, predictive modelling, and curated action steps that guide employers toward options that can reduce their costs and improve their employees’ health. By combining data analytics with data science, the Springbuk Health Intelligence platform utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help employers identify and predict employees at risk of certain diseases using a database of over 233 million unique claims. “Springbuk was built with the employer in mind, and we assure that the data our clients’ view has the integrity to identify risk mitigation, care efficiency, drug savings, steerage procedures, and potentially unnecessary procedures,” say Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Rod Reasen, explaining a little more about the Springbuk process. “Once the platform identifies at-risk individuals, it then presents insights and curated action steps for appropriate treatment, disease management resources, and risk mitigation strategies to reduce the risk and keep populations healthy.” Over the years, Springbuk’s data scientists and clinicians have introduced new methodologies that enlighten and empower better health investment decisions through collaboration with clients. By offering more health data analytics and actionable insights, Springbuk helps employers make better data-driven health plan decisions that are unique to their population. Regarding internal culture, Rod has made the people working within Springbuk a priority right from the start, with core values as a guiding light. By creating transparency in the firm’s business strategy, employees have the information they need to create and innovate within the company. “Our mantra is, “extraordinary people build exceptional products,” he states. “Employees strive to bring out the best in others as well as themselves. Our team embodies the core values of Win Together, Never Settle, and Raise the Bar. These phrases are not just words written on onboarding materials and forgotten once the workday begins.” Springbuk has a wide range of experience and expertise throughout the team and has hired registered dieticians, MDs, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals, allowing clients to benefit from deep knowledge throughout their interaction with the firm’s people and platform. Using a company operating system called EOS, Springbuk is able to align its strategic direction with employees in order to encourage consistent and open communication. It also sponsors initiatives such as Women of Springbuk and Pride of Springbuk in order to create a workplace of inclusion, diversity and equality. On March 11, 2020, the WHO declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, however Springbuk was quick to recognise the urgency of employers’ needs to understand and anticipate the clinical and financial impacts of Covid-19 for the members they serve. The ability of the Springbuk SaaS Springbuk is a health data analytics solution that equips employers with insights and expertise needed to sharpen benefits strategy. Launched in 2015, Springbuk’s mission is to empower self- funded employers and their benefits advisors to prevent disease with data. Issue 4 2021 49 Feb21019 platform to analyse healthcare costs and risks became an essential need for customers, even more so than ever before. With a full roadmap planned for 2020 before Covid-19, Springbuk was presented with a time-sensitive challenge to develop critical analytic methodologies and product applications to meet customer needs during a time in which “typical” models and approaches would no longer suffice. “We leveraged our Health Intelligence platform to generate data-driven Covid-19 predictive insights category for customers, supported by risk change analysis and other Covid-specific reports,” Rod highlights. “These insights empower companies to identify employees who might be at greater risk, due to comorbidities, and provide proactive recommendations to help protect those individuals.” Regarding the future, Rod has big plans for Springbuk. With employer clients adding multiple digital health programs to help their employees improve their health status, clinical outcomes, and financial savings to justify offering these programs is often challenging. Springbuk is working to ingest and normalise the data from these innovative programs and align the participants to health claims data to clearly demonstrate the clinical outcomes and financial saving. “We have also identified that large employers have a desire to add disability and workman’s compensation data into their population health analytics. The addition of these data sources will allow us to diversify the health benefits utilisation analysis we can provide employers for years to come. “Additionally, we plan to continue to grow our overall employee base to support our business. As a company with annual revenue growth in the double to triple digits over the past three years, we continue to identify new roles within the organisation that allow us to best serve customers, both current and future.” Company: Springbuk Contact: Rod Reasen Website: