Issue 4 2021

Jan21260 Reharvest Timber : Recycling with a Difference A driving force behind environmental sustainability and responsibility in waste management, Reharvest Timber is an efficient full-service company that handles timber recycling with innovation in mind. Due to this, it has recently been accredited with the Best Eco-Friendly Landscape Product Supply Firm award for 2021. Reharvest Timber Products Ltd is a timber waste, removal, and recycling company established in 1994 that creates premium products from wood waste. All its services are eco-friendly and are, as a priority, the safest option they can possibly be for children, animals, and the environment. Having been in operation for over 25 years now, it has enjoyed decades of leading its industry into the future with its innovative and forward- thinking operational model. It accepts a wide variety of general timber waste from factory off cuts to prefab timber-walls, but it cannot take wood treated with loaded paint, CCA treated wood, penta or creosote coated wood, or wood treated by insecticide or pesticide. This is all part of its dedication to creating the products that it recycles this wood into with environmental sustainability and customer safety in mind. In this way, it truly ‘reharvests’ used and unwanted timber, using it to create garden mulch, its playground Cushionfall, and animal and equestrian Cushionride. All the latter are biodegradable and have become highly popular across the country. Its garden product, Enviromulch, is made entirely of untreated and recycled timber, developed to serve any gardening needs no matter what the plot may grow. It can be laid on both flat and sloping surfaces, making it an excellent solution for all kinds of allotments and gardens across a variety of environments. It is both self-stabilizing and wind resistant. Furthermore, it is exemplary for acting as a deterrent to weeds as they find it far more difficult to take root. It also aids in moisture retention across the board, encouraging the health of what the client seeks to grow and being completely non-toxic. As a final note on Enviromulch, it is also far from dull; this solution is available in 5 different colours. Its playground Cushionfall product is similarly notable in its lack of any harmful substances or treatments, being the only five-star rated surfacing solution in New Zealand trusted by childcare institutions across the nation. It was also rigorously tested during all stages to ensure the best results and the most effective product, which it was only satisfied with after 2 years of intensive product development and 3 years on on-site playground testing. This incredible attention to detail and the creation of an unscrupulous product has been what makes Cushionfall so widely endorsed. The culmination of all this testing was a strict adherence to New Zealand and Australian playground standards of safety, with the product performing in an exemplary manner on international impact absorbance tests. Since its release, Cushionfall has been the preferred choice for municipal and governing bodies, such as the Ministry of Education, Kindergarten Associations, Playcentres Associations, and Pre School Centres. Its other flagship project is Cushionride, a woodchip surfacing solution for equestrian arenas and animal care industries. Much like Cushionfall, it is focused on impact absorbance as a specialty; however, it has been specifically developed this time for being load-bearing. This quality allows riders and horses to travel over the surface rather than through it, which tends to be the case with many of its competitors’ products or the general grounding services that can be found in its industry. Travelling over rather than through a surface minimizes the likelihood of joint damage, causing far less strain on horses’ hocks, knees, and lower legs when training or competing. This means for significantly less down- time and recovery periods being needed, allowing equestrians to focus on intensive training schedules without risking damage to the animal. Cushionride has also been specifically designed to be an all-weather solution that enables stellar performance all year round through any conditions or challenges. In this way, it aids drainage so that it doesn’t freeze, and puddles don’t form that could pose a potential threat to animals travelling at speed across it. It is also dust and stone free, reassuring its clients that they will encounter a comfortable and secure ride. Cushionride has become widely lauded across all equestrian disciplines, from dressage and show jumping to trotting, racing, and even polo. It is also the perfect choice for equestrian establishments such as horse-riding arenas, gallops, horse walkers, and breeding sheds. Across the month of January, it has been active in Wanaka, Taupo, and the Dairy Flats, actively working to improve equine arena surfacing in facilities across the areas, a service that is only improving Reharvest Timber’s reputation as a company that gives back to the community. In the case of all its woodchip surfacing services, its products undergo thorough testing and performance review before it leaves its manufacturing plants. All its processes have been developed to maximise safety and minimise threat to both the environment and the customer, ensuring that there are absolutely no nails, staples, or other unwelcome debris in its products. To this end, it has even implemented a three-year testing regimen to ensure that it is holding itself to its own impact efficiency and general quality standards. In tandem with this, its dedication to environmental corporate responsibility has earned it an Oceania Business Award for the Best Recycled Products Manufacturer, given to it in 2017. Reharvest Timber also prides itself on its ease of installation, offering means by which its wood chips can be pumped in through large pipes from carparks or roads. This negates the need for any back-breaking work to lay the chip and saves money on heavy machinery. The 100% recycled nature of the woodchip also reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfill, helping in the national waste reduction effort. Further helping to ensure that future generations inherit a better looked after world is Reharvest’s sister company. This business, Wastewood Management, enables the collection and removal of the wood that Reharvest uses in its products. In handling its own collections, it can assure itself and its clients that its flawless operational process is present in every element of its work. It can also better control the timber that makes its way to its plants, reducing the amount that must be turned away and making itself a shining example of efficiency in the recycling industry. It takes timber that it can discern is up to standard, from wood pallet waste to timber waste wood and box wood removal. Company: Reharvest Timber Ltd Contact: Ted Edwards Website: / Cushionfall has been the preferred choice for municipal and governing bodies, such as the Ministry of Education, Kindergarten Associations, Playcentres Associations, and Pre School Centres.