Issue 4 2021

Oct20411 Chilean Creativity & Content Founded in 2012, Agencia Chan! is an expert in comprehensive strategic marketing, and aims to inspire the world through content strategies that impact users and creative value. Following its outstanding success and recognition in the Small Business Awards 2020 with the title of Best Strategic Marketing Agency – Chile, we caught up with Carolina De Ponti to find out more. Based in Santiago, Chile, design and creativity are very important axes within Agencia Chan!, which allow the firm to highlight the different brands it works with. To start, Carolina provides a brief overview of the agency and offers more insight into its clientele. “By practicing strategic marketing our actions are always aligned with our client’s commercial goals. Naturally, through our expertise we are able to make brands stand out from the crowd and get everyone talking about them. Online and offline integration is a must as marketing is a complex science that must be integrated to the operation at its full potential, so isolated actions will be ineffective unless they are part of a whole. Agencia Chan! are typically involved with event organisations, assisting them with their effectiveness, which means obtaining the best results possible by maximising investment. During the first meeting with the client, we make a diagnosis of the communication problem and then we establish the basic steps to follow. After that, we take care of our client’s brand identity, in both visual and communicational aspects”. Operating in the marketing field brings plenty of competition to the table, however as Carolina points out, training its team in developmental studies has enabled the firm to stand out from the crowd. “Training our team in coaching, mentoring programmes, PNL, hypnosis and team coaching gives us all a special understanding of the neurolinguistic impact of everything that communicates. Moreover, this is useful not only for creative pieces but also when we are working together with our clients to achieve daily and long-term goals”. Finally, Carolina discusses the trends we are currently seeing in the industry before sharing some of the firm’s future plans as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “ Brands who didn’t want to get fully digital are now recognising the need to. Selling products or services online is now mandatory, particularly with the recent outbreak of COVID-19. Currently, we are working on special online interactive experiences, in order to create events where people can see the different products and experiences for themselves. Due to the pandemic we created “Activa tu Marca” (Activate your Brand), a programme based on new business or entrepreneurs who are now finding out this is the best moment to make their dream projects come true. Having built a unique and high- quality customer service and a strong culture that makes our identity and services work, we are thinking about developing our own process to help other businesses organise their teams and collaborate with clients online in early 2021”. Company: Agencia Chan! Contact: Carolina De Ponti Email: [email protected] Web: Instagram: @agencia_chan