Issue 5 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 5 2019 11 , Mar19329 Seeking to offer an improved approach to software testing, Appsurify applies machine learning tomake software testing smarter andmore efficient. We profile the firm to find out more about the unique solution it has to offer. Streamlining Software Testing Established in 2017, Appsurify offers an innovative approach to code testing designed to improve efficiency and reduce wasted time and resources. Through its innovative service offering, Appsurify analyses the code and test history to understand which parts of the code each test is checking. Then for each new change to the code, instead of running all of the tests as is the current practice, Appsurify auto- matically runs the small number of tests that are needed to validate the changes. This allows the changes to be checked as soon as they are made so developers can find and fix any bugs quickly instead of having to wait for a full test cycle that might be days later. Additionally, Appsurify also iden- tifies the code changes that have the highest risk of containing bugs so that manual testers can focus their efforts where they will be most useful. As such it is able to provide a direct map to the issues a piece of software is likely to have, allowing development teams to find more bugs with less testing. This is particularly important to improving efficiency for many clients, as many software projects have thousands or even millions of tests that have to be run before every new release and releases can be as frequent as every week. If the tests are run at the end of de- velopment for the release, it could take a full weekend or longer to run all the tests, then the issues have to be fixed and the tests run again until all the tests pass. It is more ef- ficient to test and fix the bugs when each code change is made. However, it is difficult to know which tests to run to check the changes. With dozens or even hundreds of developers making changes throughout the day, it is impractical to find and run the right tests each time a change is made, and it takes too long to run all the tests each time. This is where Appsurify helps. The firm’s unique machine learning automatically finds and runs the right tests for each code change, so the code can be tested immediately. Ultimately, as Appsurify is still in the early stages of deployment over the coming years the firm will be adding new features to meet customers’ needs and developing additional techniques to make the testing process even more efficient. Address: Santa Monica, United States, CA Phone: +1.650.402.1400 Website: