Issue 5 2021

Driving the Connections of the Future With the ‘Most Innovative Autotech Start-up’ award for 2021 in Belgium in the pocket, LinkedCar is working hard to fuel its industry’s development so that it can change the mobility industry. Its platform seeks to give the driver back agency over their data, as well as connecting all stakeholders. The automotive industry has seen exponential growth since its beginnings in the 19th century. However, although cars themselves have come a long way. With new makes, models, and developments being made daily, the technologies championed by the industry when dealing with behind the scenes management or communication with clients is antiquated and outdated. It seemed odd to LinkedCar that an industry where things like self-driving cars and state of the art breakthroughs are being made should suffer this problem. So, it resolved to do something about it, beginning to develop technological solutions for connecting with drivers and building a platform for effective and seamless data sharing. LinkedCar is the company behind a platform dedicated to connecting the industry so that a person can find everything they might need, all in one place. Its intuitive and easy to use interface gives clients a space to bundle the car management process into one space. Providing an excellent application for end users and an industry leading platform for partners. Between these factors, LinkedCar has truly begun leading its sector into the future. The Mobility Platform is a highly connected piece of technology that allows companies to keep the client at the heart of its work, connecting not just to the vehicle, to the drives as well. The Mobility Platform also serves a variety of contributors in the automotive world, from dealers and manufacturers to insurers, fleets, roadside assistance, and a wide range of other stakeholders who would benefit from access to a variety of data. All these processes are seamlessly and efficiently managed whilst the driver remains in control. In this way, LinkedCar contributes to its mission of connecting everyone in the automotive industry, forming a fully fledged ecosystem out an often fractured and divided market. This will drive it and its competitors forward towards a connected future, leaving the current paradigm in the past with the antiquated systems and processes of its early days. This will improve the services of different stakeholders by making them able to back it up with the relevant data. Improving the experience of the driver by allowing them to effectively give feedback directly to those who can implement it best. It can connect data from cars and e-bikes, aiming one day to be able to connect all vehicles, creating a data driven mobility system that facilitates drivers’ access and control over their own data. Furthermore, it wishes to provide partners with a single platform through which they can communicate effectively and quickly, streamlining processes across the board. This benefits all parties; for instance, it allows users to get personalised insurance and gives insurers a clearer view of the market. LinkedCar also works from a series of core values and principles that it holds close to its heart, reflected in the attitude it has towards both end users and stakeholders. These inform its dedication to both overall success, and belief in an ambitious future that it will work hard to achieve. Furthermore, all members of its staff hold to these values, creating shared goals that ensure its team work together well and are all equally informed and driven. The first of its values is openness. This principle defines its commitment to transparency and honesty in all things, something that it works hard to ensure prevails in all elements of its operation, and it wishes to foster this method of communication between stakeholders and end users. In this way, it will give all players a chance to connect on a level playing field, where everyone knows what the others can see and what their data will be used for. Its core team believes in a data system where a driver can control their own data first and foremost; be in full control of what data is shared and when. It also believes in its own responsibility, holding itself accountable for the quality of its app and its data protection solutions. LinkedCar gives agency back to the customer regarding connectivity, as well giving partners the means of responsible and sensibly managed communication. Smart use of vehicle data by partners and smart management of their own data on the client’s end comes together to form an incredibly healthy app that will form the bedrock for the innovative new modern era of automotive work. LinkedCar’s final value is that of fun. It has funnelled significant investment into the atmosphere that it can create with this app and within its business in general, and has found that during the process, making it fun was a big motivator. For both staff and clients alike, a service should be easy to use and infinitely helpful, just as much as it should be light-hearted and fun, it encourages productivity and creates a healthy environment that its staff can extend out to its clients. Its team are diverse and dedicated, and always go above and beyond expectations. Therefore, its attitude towards clients has been lauded as excellent. Of course, in the past year, this reputation has helped it significantly; Covid-19 taught LinkedCar that new business models and trends change rapidly, and it needed to be highly flexible to keep up. It funnelled significant effort into getting to know its partners and stakeholders, recognising the rapid growth of the online market for both the opportunity and challenge that it was, and from there was able to regroup and continue to grow. This tenacity has secured it on a path toward greater future success. Going forward, LinkedCar will be investigating the possibilities of augmented reality offered through standard smartphones. A big step forward for its industry, it hopes that this will further show stakeholders just how much technological innovation can better the work of all businesses operating in its market segment. Its augmented reality will have the capability to place a new car in a customer’s garage before they even visit the dealership, and another improvement it is looking into is the possibility of replacing paper manuals with this AR tool. LinkedCar does more than just cars; and it will be doing so much more as it continues to grow, hoping to expand into North America and continue revolutionising its industry in the rest of 2021 and beyond. Company: LinkedCar Contact: Mario Schraepen Website: Apr21025