Issue 5 2021

Issue 5 2021 29 Mar21360 for analytics continues to grow, it’s key that teams like TIBIL are able to match with their own unique and valuable services and insights. This is vital to customer retention and expansion in the long run, and how the team will achieve overall success. Company: TIBIL Solutions Name: Markus Pfefferer Email: [email protected] Web Address: Astonishing Analytics Firm Secures Success The role of data and analytics has become essential to the success of businesses. TIBIL Solutions has made its name not only in providing data, but valuable insight to organisations around the world. In Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards, the firm was named as Most Influential Leader in Data Analytics 2021 – India. We dig a little deeper to see how they have achieved this. Data makes the world go round. By understanding the data that customers give, businesses are able to make decisions that improve their bottom lines and allow them to focus on what their clients really want. At TIBIL, the team live and breath data, and are able to transform it into actionable decisions for clients so that they can achieve better agility, growth and profitability. The immense potential data holds for business cannot be underestimated, and the team have worked with organisations in various sectors including Banking & Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing and the Social Sector to make a real difference to proceedings. The services on offer from TIBIL focus on helping clients achieve larger business goals through reliable, robust, intelligent management of data. Harnessing this new resource is key to survival in the modern marketplace. For companies, TIBIL offers an impressive array of services that set the team apart from other providers. Key is their ability to provide data validation, data engineering and feature engineering services to integrate, verify, prepare and transform data into formats that can be accessed by analytical models and tools. Data analytics are not something to be explored for this team, but driven. Whether it’s big data analytics, predictive analytics or customer analytics, they know how to approach problems so that they can achieve their much-desired success. For more than sixty clients in the USA, Middle East, APAC and India, TIBIL offers an essential solution. To provide a service that befits these clients, the team have developed an impressive framework. It is called iDEA, and allows the team to integrate and organize large volumes and diverse formats of data from disparate sources, transform the prepared data into derived variables, analyse the data and build models for analytical solutions and derive insights to help business architect key decisions. This immense power is incredibly valuable to businesses, but must be carefully adapted to ensure that it gives clients the information they need most. As such, the team at TIBIL see their work as a boutique firm, with a highly engaged leadership team. It is thanks to the team’s drive and commitment that the organisation has achieved such success thus far. Every member of staff is naturally self-driven and curious, and new colleagues are always being sought to support them in their work. Now a proud mainstay of the technology industry, TIBIL celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2020. It was an occasion marked not by a remembrance of the past, but comprehensive plans for the future. The roadmap has produced plans that will ensure that TIBIL doesn’t just grow in size, but is able to grow in the depth and quality of client engagements and widen the firm’s global presence. As the industry