Issue 5 2021

professional development programs and specialty training. With their contributions, Holloway Group has become an institution of its sector, sharing expertise and skills with clients to support them in achieving their business objectives. Thus, 2021 is off to a strong start for Holloway Group, not least as TJ is completing his doctoral degree in Leadership at Liberty University, which has included a dissertation project that has led to some fascinating findings on the efficacy of senior executives that he is implementing into his professional work. Recognizing that the productivity and growth of a whole organization relies heavily on the cohesive collaboration of a senior executive team, Holloway Group has created frameworks that help those teams to identify task-related issues and reduce conflict, thereby encouraging productive and effective decision-making instead. The result is a team that celebrates the diversity of its members, utilizing the innovation that is born from varied perspectives working in harmony to create business operations that are more effective and that translate to stronger businesses as a whole. Contact: TJ Holloway Company: Holloway Group, LLC Web Address: Building Businesses with Authenticity Holloway Group LLC is a leading, independent professional development and consulting firm that serves leaders and workforces throughout Maine and New Hampshire, helping them to realize their full potential, boosting work performance to see tangible results for a business as a whole. A family-owned company led by Vice President TJ Holloway, MBA., Holloway Group is a small but powerful enterprise that focuses on being the best, not the biggest. Driven by values of Authenticity, Integrity, and Relationships, Holloway Group works with leaders to support them in developing a leadership style that is self-aware and self-reflective, and therefore more authentic and effective. In addition, TJ and his team help those leaders to create strong relationships within their company and develop partnerships outside of their company too, thereby placing them in alignment with a vast network that can work cohesively to obtain desired results. Holloway Group’s clientele is diverse and wide-ranging, encompassing large and medium financial institutions, manufacturing companies, children’s learning centers, hospitals, and non-profits and co-operatives. The firm builds close relationships with these organizations, getting to know them and their missions on a profound level so as to shape training and development programs around them, providing business coaching, meeting facilitation, one-on-one sessions and more. “We customize our training based on the organization’s unique requirements and strategic learning objectives for different constituent groups within the firm to help them be successful,” TJ explains. Over the last year, professional development has been put on hold by many organizations who were forced to focus on the transition to remote working in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Holloway Group adjusted quickly, developing its offerings to suit virtual formats so that the team could continue to reach out to clients and assist them in adapting their own professional development. Delivering the same, high standards of service, Holloway Group is now in a position to be able to offer both virtual and in-person services that suit the wide-ranging clientele, who don’t have to compromise on quality for the sake of convenience. As a result, Holloway Group’s reputation for excellence is growing, thanks to a loyal and highly valued customer-base that trust in the Group to deliver effective solutions with tangible results. Indeed, the majority of new business that Holloway Group attracts is through word-of-mouth, meaning the company has little need for additional advertising. Clients come to Holloway Group for its authenticity and its closeness, benefiting from a company culture that goes below the surface to find solutions that are effective at every level. Internally, TJ trusts in his team to be ambitious and conscientious, striving for the very best in all their work so as to deliver on client objectives with professionalism that is married with approachability. Externally, he is part of a wide network in academia, he himself being a teacher for undergraduate and MBA students at Husson University in addition to his VP role. As such, TJ is able to benefit from strong relationships with educated professionals in his field who support him and his company as friends and colleagues in developing exceptional Mar21201 A small but dynamic development and consulting company, Holloway Group champions collaboration, integrity and authenticity in strengthening businesses across a myriad of industries. We find out more about the firm as it celebrates its recent recognition as the Best Independent Training & Development Consultancy 2021 of New England. Issue 5 2021 37