Issue 5 2021

Mar21143 Lucky Orange: Software that Helps Convert Website Traffic to Sales Lucky Orange earned the title of the ‘Best Conversion Optimization Tool’ for 2021, thanks to its software’s ability to help businesses gain insights into how they can grow their website conversion rates - and ultimately their sales - by understanding visitor behaviour. With a newly launched redesign of its brand and a major product update in the works, the company is setting a new standard for website conversion software. Lucky Orange offers a unique opportunity to business that have an online presence with its top-of-the-line website optimization software. Providing exemplary and intuitive software that works seamlessly with a customer’s existing website, it can provide a customer’s online platform the help it needs to become a true growth asset for the company. Lucky Orange helps businesses of all sizes and across many industries gain insights on how to improve their websites by understanding what people are really doing when they are browsing their websites. In this way, it not only helps its customers to reach a wider market more effectively and easier, also it gives them the leg up they need to compete in a quickly globalizing world. The company’s conversion rate optimization software includes dynamic heatmaps, session recording capabilities, form analytics, surveys, conversion funnels and a live chat feature. The innovative platform and its personable, supportive approach to customer service, helped Lucky Orange accrue a customer list of over 300,000 websites. By using dynamic heatmaps, session recordings and other Lucky Orange tools, customers come away with an enhanced understanding of what people truly experience on their website by seeing visitors navigate their sites first-hand. Alongside this, it facilitates a learning experience regarding conversions: the steps visitors take before converting, which conversion-focused elements are effective, and which are not. This helps businesses ensure everything about their website is impactful and relevant to the people they wish to entice into completing pre-determined and desired actions on their website, such as signing up for a newsletter or buying a product. Lucky Orange also helps businesses connect with their customers directly through its live chat and survey tools. Business owners no longer have to wonder what their customers are thinking as they browse their websites. They can ask them directly via live chat if they need assistance or survey them to gain insights on the products or services their customers wished they offered. Every team member at Lucky Orange is valued as a part of the product team. The leadership at Lucky Orange ensures everyone’s ideas are heard and valued, translating this collaborative environment into collaborative customer interactions. Furthermore, Lucky Orange is an employee first culture. To take care of its customers, it first takes care of its staff, supporting them so they can deliver the best service available. As more businesses have pivoted to online operations, it has found itself busier than ever, and its team has risen up to meet the challenge head on. In the e-commerce sector specifically, Lucky Orange bore witness to tremendous levels of growth across the board in 2020 and into 2021. Its customers had to deal with new competitors emerging in the market to older and more established brands having to quickly ensure they were able to keep up with rapidly changing dynamics created by a global pandemic. The shift from brick-and-mortar shopping to e-commerce presented a good opportunity for smaller retailers to compete with the high traffic of more recognizable companies. Consequentially, Lucky Orange saw its subscriptions rising steadily throughout 2020, and this momentum has carried it into 2021. This company made itself an indispensable business partner for many. In addition to supporting high growth in its customer base, Lucky Orange is rolling out a redesign of its product complete with more than 65 new features alongside a total brand refresh. These exciting developments and updates will be drip-released piecemeal throughout the rest of the year, and customers should look forward to an interface that is better than ever as it blazes its own path towards a bright future. Company: Lucky Orange Contact: Danny Wajcman Website: