Issue 5 2021

Issue 5 2021 41 Mar21069 Entering the Digital Age Based in Singapore, Kaddra has built its name on its ability to deliver world-leading technology. Through harnessing the smartphone technology that has become the norm throughout the world, the team have been able to revolutionize the retail marketplace. Customers can access improved experiences, while businesses are able to increase their sales and expand their marketing reach considerably. Kaddra works for an extraordinary range of different clients, with B2C type SMEs forming the heart of their work. The team works tirelessly to ensure that retailors can expand their reach into new and lucrative areas. When the firm opened its doors in 2017, it was as an internal solution for retail companies. By 2019, it has become a white label solution, offering its invaluable services to many other businesses. The journey has given the team an incredible edge over the competition as the technology they offer has been designed to work in real business challenges. Since the start of Kaddra, the strategy of mobile-first has been key. As of today, there are no other solutions in Asia with the same depth of tools and native app technology on a SaaS subscription model. The model that Kaddra has always championed is becoming very popular and the team have been able to progress quickly into new industries and sectors. The USP of Kaddra is its ability to connect the new world of digital commerce with bricks-and-mortar shops. For the first time, customers Retail stores need to connect their businesses with digital developments, but few can find an approach that meets their specific requirements. Kaddra Pte Ltd offers a mobile-first retail solution that blows the competition away. With the firm named as the Best Integrated Mobile Ecommerce Technology Firm 2021 – Singapore in Corporate Vision’s rolling series of Corporate Excellence Awards, we thought it was the right time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of their success. through tireless innovation, where companies stay ahead of a fast- growing competition. This is to ensure that the technology used by an organisation doesn’t get copied by other companies and quickly disappear into irrelevance. Of course, for firms built on innovation like Kaddra, it has become increasingly difficult to find engineers with the required level of skills to deliver what is required for future growth. The shortage of talents will ultimately become a bottle neck for what comes next in any sector and creating a strong remote working environment might be the only way that SMEs like Kaddra can continue to grow and survive. There is also the challenge of upgrading businesses to suit a digital world. Many have tried during the pandemic, but only a handful of organisations have benefitted from the new demand. For some, working digitally was meant to be a shot to success, but they have not adapted sufficiently to see it yet. People want technology to help them in their everyday lives, while also desiring to be outside in the physical world. Part of the key to Kaddra’s future will be creating new solutions that increase the ability to connect physical spaces with digital ecosystems. Moving beyond mobile commerce will create a platform where customers can experience flawless journeys. This vision of the future is one to be admired, and one that is coming sooner than you’d think. Contact Name: Catherine Human Web Address: Email: [email protected] have a true omnichannel experience and retailers are able to monitor and understand the clientele walking into their boutiques. With Kaddra’s all-in-one back office, all teams work under the same system, gaining in productivity, improving floor space usage and customer journeys, improving the re-targeting of customers outside the store and so much more. The software industry is booming like never before and the SaaS model is changing because more and more companies are now using technology. This means that they want to ensure they are getting as much as they can from each investment. This can only be achieved The model that Kaddra has always championed is becoming very popular and the team have been able to progress quickly into new industries and sectors.