Issue 5 2021

Feb21327 Driving Practice Growth The SocialClimb SaaS platform is designed to be a turnkey solution that empowers doctors, medical practices, and hospital service lines to improve their reputation, identify new patients through predictive analytics, send out ads targeted to the identified patients, and track the results of their marketing efforts. SocialClimb was created to fill a need one of the co-founders, Ty Allen, uncovered following a serious spinal cord injury. While he was in an emergency room, not knowing if he would ever walk again, the doctor told Ty and his wife that he would need to be moved to a different hospital that could better handle his injuries. Ty had minutes to decide which doctor to choose, which in turn would determine the hospital he would be sent to. It was a difficult decision, and one he made without access to enough information. Ty faced several similar decisions throughout his year-long recovery. This situation led Ty to discover a disconnect between what medical consumers need to know to make a good decision and how healthcare providers market themselves. SocialClimb provides a solution to benefit both the medical community and the patients who need their services with the end goal of helping patients connect with doctors best suited to their needs while helping doctors show up online as medical consumers make critical health-related decisions. “Our platform makes it easy to send out ads that show up for consumers searching for medical care online,” explains Ty, going further in-depth about the innovative technology that SocialClimb employs. “We use predictive analytics tools that filter data from over 240 million US citizens on over 200 data points to identify patients ideal for a specific doctor. Then our Playbooks tool sets up those ads with the proper keywords, negative keywords, and content so the ads get seen by the right people.” One aspect of this software is helping these healthcare providers improve their reputation so it gives an accurate picture of the level of care they provide, and that, claims Ty, is where most of the company’s competitors stop, meaning they’re missing a lot of the picture. “The way we help healthcare professionals attract patients is truly unique. Our solution puts healthcare professionals’ information in front of potential patients in their journey to find a new doctor. We do this by using cutting-edge technology and innovations that disrupt traditional healthcare marketing to create a win-win situation for both patients and doctors.” Despite having such an innovative product, Ty is quick to point out that the firm’s success is not simply about having the latest technology. It is also about having a dedicated and committed staff who are passionate about the solution they provide. “People are the most important asset in our company,” highlights Ty. “All of our clients have unique needs, and our team works hard to give them the tools and support they need to use our platform to attract new patients and grow their practice.” The COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the healthcare industry, and SocialClimb was not immune to this. The business saw many of its clients experiencing cancellations and delays, creating financial burdens for practices, physicians, and hospitals. Reduced revenue due to elective surgery cancellations meant healthcare facilities faced difficult decisions in their fight to remain open. SocialClimb is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that helps healthcare providers target and attract patients by improving providers’ online visibility when healthcare consumers search online for medical care. Issue 5 2021 45 “In the first months of the pandemic, we opened up our platform to medical practices to use our system to send out COVID-19 related messages to their patients, and we allowed our clients to suspend our services as needed,” Ty continues. “We also provided a recovery plan to help our clients get their schedules filled at the appropriate time for their area.” It became essential for healthcare professionals to become more visible online and to be more focused on attracting patients during this difficult time. As a consequence, they needed the services of companies such as SocialClimb more than ever. “In response to their need, we continued to develop solutions that would help them attract the most profitable patients so they could remain in business.” Now, as the healthcare industry begins the long, slow road to recovery following what has been a turbulent year, Ty and the team at SocialClimb have their finger on the pulse of the healthcare industry and are poised and ready to engage with clients and empower their growth. Early in 2021, SocialClimb secured £8.7 million ($12 million USD) in funding from Resolve Growth Partners. With this funding in place, the firm is now focused on growth which will allow it to reach more healthcare professionals with its automated healthcare marketing solution. “We are actively growing our team so we will have the structure in place to grow rapidly, expanding our reach into additional specialties and hospital groups. The funding also allows us to continue to focus our energy on continual innovation that gives our customers an edge over their competitors with our disruptive technology.” Contact: Ty Allen Company: SocialClimb Phone: 801-998-2830 Address: 3451 Triumph Blvd, Suite 675, Lehi, UT 84043 Email: [email protected] Website: