Issue 5 2021

Mar21237 Smart Tech, Smart Business Established in 2013, Cham Solutions & Programs’ vision is to make peoples’ lives smarter through smarter apps and smarter content. It works hard every day to be the most respected brand in its field of smart apps and content within the Qatari market and the Arabic world. With the company’s commitment to innovation and effectiveness, it has been recognised by Corporate Vision as the Most Outstanding Leader in App Development 2021 - Qatar. Cham Solutions & Programs founder and managing director, Firas Shrourou has 20+ years of industry experience as an ICT manager, director and general manager for the largest enterprises in the Middle East, from which he gained the experience, expertise and passion to start a company that provides leading apps to clients and partners. With a long list of prestigious clients including Papa John’s and Subway, the company provides custom-made applications such as HR and payroll, customer service feedback apps, and restaurant accounting and POS software, with its leading selling product being the Qatar Delicious digital menu software used in fine dining restaurants. Qatar Delicious allows restaurant staff to have control of daily operations, with features including the ability to view the restaurant menu with photos and descriptions; cashier terminal to open orders, send them to kitchen, print checks and receive payments; kitchen KDS which shows orders to the kitchen on a wide TV screen, with delay alerts and serve functionality; accounting to show journal vouchers, suppliers accounting, profit and loss statements and trial balance; attendance and work shift grouping and assignments; feedback and comments from guests; and more. Also enabling customer feedback and comments is the company’s Xpress Station technology. It enables companies to replace their old- fashioned complaint box and receive customer feedback electronically in a fast, secure and reliable way. Top features of the software include the ability for companies to change the survey questions at any time; the option for each company outlet to have its own survey questions; a maximum of five questions to keep the survey simple and fast for customers to complete; a clear survey layout for customers to understand and use; the ability to convert negative comments into complaints so they can be followed up with a resolution; the ability to convert customer suggestions so they can be followed up with implementation; and the ability to convert positive comments which the company can use to choose an employee of the month. Meanwhile, Smart HR is a complete integrated system for human resources management, including personnel, attendance, payroll, operations and revenue modules. It has multiple functions including Desktop Launcher which is a PC application to launch all Smart HR modules; Smart HR Portal, a self-service web portal that enables employees to access their HR related information without the need to call or email their HR department; SmartEmployee, a personnel management module that controls the employment cycle of the employee from the date of receiving their CV until the end of service; SmartAttendance which controls the attendance of employees according to clocking groups; SmartPayroll which controls the financial relation between the organisation and the employee, providing many useful tools to make the relationship transparent and easy to manage; SmartMaps which displays all projects/sites of company staff on a Google map layout so it can show the number of assigned employees to each location, the number of present and absent employees in each location, and more; and SmartRevenue provides the tools to generate invoices for external and internal projects. This is just some of the features that are available on the Smart HR system. Lastly, the Interactive Classroom system was designed with children in mind. It can be used to present a story to be followed by a series of questions to get children of all ages engaging. Voting pads on 7” or 10” tablets enable children to participate in stories or quizzes, with an option to select from up to five answers. Interactive Classroom was initially used in GCC Traffic Week to demonstrate road safety principles to children. They watched a short video story before answering the questions that were presented. Ultimately, Cham Solutions & Programs applications provide the same functionality and quality as the best international applications in the same field, and due to the company developing its applications in-house, it can work on new features upon request by the client. Clients also benefit from full 24/7 technical support and carefully considered price tags which cut the overheads and percentages. It is an excellent company committed to being responsive, innovative and effective in all it does. It meets this by listening, communicating and engaging respectfully with clients, honouring diverse perspectives and cultures and behaving ethically and compassionately, as well as responsibly taking action to create positive change. With the company’s dedication to developing high quality products and providing only the best customer service to clients, it can continue moving forwards in terms of innovative developments and an increasing client base. Company: Cham Solutions & Programs Contact: Firas Shrourou Website: