Issue 5 2022

Mar22677 One-Stop-Shop For Small Businesses In a competitive global marketplace, small businesses need all the help they can get. The team behind vcita offers everything that a small enterprise needs to thrive, managing time, money, clients and marketing from one place. From Corporate Vision, the team was named Best End-to-End SME Business Management Software Provider – 2022. We take a closer look to see why. Small businesses need to change to stay ahead of the incredible demands on them, but this change is often beyond the scope of their operation. To support them in a rapidly evolving situation, the team at vcita have developed easy to use tools that will elevate what their businesses offer, whilst improving their relationships with clients and paving the way for more productivity than ever before. Serving a host of SMEs, from those that have just started out to those that have been around for years, it’s clear one of the great challenges for the vcita team has been conforming to the needs of each individual business. Whilst no two businesses are the same, the team’s detailed knowledge of the small business mindset means they have provided a place for every user to service all of their needs in one place. vcita acts as a billing solution, a marketing hub and a CRM provider. For small businesses wanting to broaden their horizons, vcita has to be the first place you turn to. The success of vcita is due, in no small part to the efforts of its dedicated team. These people thrive work working as part of a team and want to make a difference in the world. The team is built on a culture of diversity, respect and openness, with professionals coming from different backgrounds. These different backgrounds reflect the extraordinary range of small businesses that make up the backbone of economies on an international scale. It’s essential to find people who truly care about the cause. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on small industries has not been insignificant, with many customers suffering from the impact of lockdowns. That said, the pandemic has provided the impetus for many organisations to implement a true digital transformation in order to survive the challenges of the last couple of years. In many ways, this unprecedented challenge to businesses has proven the importance of a digital transformation to those businesses which had not yet taken the initiative. Looking ahead, the future seems bright for the team at vcita. Their efforts are always directed towards developing new ways of supporting their clients. Currently this has taken the form of extending the platform to be more inclusive by introducing new integrations. The current offering allows for seamless integration with 3rd party software, but it is limited. Increasing the capacity here will open up many new opportunities not only for the vcita team, but for their clients too. For the vcita team, the path to success has always revolved around accelerating the process of small business’ digitalisation. This will be achieved not through working alone, but through constantly exploring the potential of working with others. Their partnerships with their clients and with other organisations are always flexible, allowing them to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. This ability to cater specifically to the needs of small businesses is what has brought them such success over the years. The last few years have seen a need for small businesses to change and evolve at a hitherto unforeseen pace. Key to this change, for many enterprises, has been the work of the tireless work of the team at vcita. Their passion for the sector and ability to deliver no matter what has earned them enormous kudos within the SME sector. We cannot wait to see how they assist this vital part of so many economies around the world in the weeks, months and years to come. Company: vcita Name: Itzik Levy Website: