Corporate Vision Issue 6

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 6 2018 15 , Zfort Group is a full cycle software development company providing customsoftware development and dedicated teams forwell-renowned businesses for over 17 years.We profile the company aswe look to gain further insight into the successful nature of the company. A Unique Company Delivering a Unique Approach Founded in 2000, Zfort Group offers a variety of services to an assortment of clients, including Business Analysis and Consulting, unrivalled Web & Mobile Development, responsive UI/UX Design, strong Project Management, and finally Quality Assurance. Predominantly, Zfort Group’s customers include online marketing agencies, web design studios, e-Commerce stores, technology start-ups, and other companies from Dating, Charity, Financial, Educational, Real Estate, and Medicine industries. Alongside delivering exceptional solutions, Zfort works incredibly hard to deliver fantastic customer service, and all staff work together to put the client first and achieve the utmost client satisfaction. Boasting a 17-year experience in IT industry, the team is fully aware of the customers’ needs. Embedded in the company’s approach to working with new clients, staff tailor each project to suit the individual client, as well as work with flexibility, and efficiency, and these are the main components of Zfort Group’s unrivalled client service. Before undertaking a new client, the team at Zfort Group deeply analyses the client’s business before the project starts, meaning every member of staff is able to provide quality control and client support on every project stage. Throughout the company, the team strives to stay ahead of other companies by constantly staying one step ahead. Continuously monitoring the latest trends in the IT sector means that Zfort is able to spot and adapt to each development, whilst at the same time providing conditions for the professional growth of its employees. With a vision of growing the company extensively, the team employs certain methods which enable it to train its staff and allow them to maximise their potential, including internal lectures within the events Z-FastTrack and ZDay certifications, conferences, library updates, and more. Combining ambition with expertise, Zfort Group is also constantly expanding its team by hiring the best industry experts from outside. Ultimately, capitalising on its success, Zfort Group plans to explore new niches and markets, as well as establishing new partnerships, and working on new challenging projects. Currently, the team is negotiating on long-term cooperation with several large customers from the US and Canada. In the nearest future, Zfort Group is aiming to strengthen the company’s presence further afield in the 1805CV24 Australian and European markets through the network of representatives. Company: Zfort Group Contact: Roman Korzh Address: Buchmy St, 1-B, 3rd floor, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61144 Phone: +1 212 256 9243 Website: