Corporate Vision Issue 6

16 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 6 2018 Amber Support Services offer individualised, tailor-made support packages for adults with learning and physical disabilities, sensory impairment and behaviours that challenge.We profiled the organisation and gained an insight fromJacqueline de Sousa as we look to explore the secrets behind its success. Helping People to Realise They Can Covering Worcestershire and Warwickshire, the team at Amber Support Services provides skilled support which empowers people to make decisions about the support they wish to receive in order to remain as independent as possible and live the life they want to live. Boasting a wealth of experience, the team prides itself on providing appropriately trained staff, who all work at their innovative best, and every member of their staff is equipped with the support, knowledge and guidance to ensure that they deliver high standards of support and achieve the best practice. Furthermore, the team is also proud of its Care Quality Commission, Outstanding Rating and continue to invest in recruiting the best people, as well as retaining talent and keeping its team motivated. Throughout the company, the team has overseen really positive results in the people that it supports and that is because of the inspirational context in which it works from where everyone is encouraged to express and try new ideas. These new ideas have resulted in the setting up of new and exciting programmes such as their Sports Club, Music and Drama Group, Arts and Crafts Workshop and Market Garden Project complete with vineyard. Catering to the needs of all customers and clients, Amber Support runs a Day Service providing day time community support to people with a disability within their local community. With staff all working towards achieving a long-term vision, the aim of their service is to underpin self-directed support, and subsequently enable them to access a vast array of community activities and resources, in order to have a full and active life. At Amber Support, staff focus on providing a stimulating environment and a range of opportunities and activities all designed to develop skills and promote independence. Adopting a customer-friendly approach, the team provides value for money and focus on various elements including education, learning and work, health and well-being. Adding to the organisation’s already impressive portfolio, the staff also place a focus on health and wellbeing. Amber Active is the company’s community sports programme, set up as a legacy to the Paralympic Games of 2012. It is about promoting disability sports and removing barriers to participation in sport for all. Importantly, helping to improve the lives of many, the sports club is an opportunity for the local community to come together where fitness is encouraged in a fun and friendly setting. Looking to enhance the wellbeing of others, Amber Support provides gardening activities which focus on enhancing the wellbeing of customers. As part of the project, the team provides education and training opportunities, not only in horticultural skills but life skills, literacy and numeracy. Importantly, all funds raised go back into the project giving them the opportunity to set up other initiatives such as a vineyard in the middle of Worcestershire. Proving to be a successful hit, this project has made a major difference to the lives of the people who attend which range from all ages as the team has encouraged children from local schools, as well as elderly clients living in residential homes to attend, meet, develop friendships and leave the project each and every time with a sense of pride and achievement. The staff team encourage local employers to come along and experience the difference they can make to the lives of people with disabilities and in so doing break down the barriers to integration of clients into everyday life. Moreover, Amber Workshop provides sessions designed to encourage clients to experiment with different media, explore their senses and improve motor skills. Good health is about the mind 1804CV98 / 1805CV45 as well as the body, with Amber Workshop being about learning new activities and techniques keeping both the mind and body challenged and people feeling good about ourselves. It has been a self-esteem booster as completing crafts successfully gives a sense of accomplishment and pride. Excitingly, Amber Support Services has recently launched Amber Spotlight, a music and drama programme which focuses on creative workshops to develop confidence, learn new skills and provide public performances throughout the year. The range of sessions is expanding all the time responding to what people want to do, as well as being geared towards encouraging individuals to express themselves, interact with other people and listen to what they have to say or contribute. Ultimately, Amber Support Services is a business brimming with experience and there is widespread optimism from Jacqueline and her team about what the future holds. The company has now been providing innovative and award-winning support services for over 14 years and they are champions of achievement. Amber Support’s philosophy is to create an environment where clients are at the centre of everything that staff do, ensuring that they are in control of their life goals and their future.