Corporate Vision Issue 6

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 6 2018 29 , Ballast Phoenix, part of the InashcoGrouphas grown significantly over the last six years and is theUKmarket leader.We profile theGroups CEOandUKManagingDirector, Paul Knight aswe look to explore the secrets behind the company’s success. A Sustainable Source of Aggregate Coming from an extensive background, Paul Knight joined Ballast Phoenix in January 2012 as Managing Director to build and strengthen its position in the UK market. During the last six years, Ballast Phoenix has experienced significant growth, with the revenue doubling due to the award of long term contracts. This success has secured the business’s future, whilst also consolidating Ballast Phoenix’s position as market leader in the UK. As the CEO of the Inashco Group, of which Ballast Phoenix is a member, his aim continues to give the group a clear direction and strategy in order to achieve a sustainable and global growth plan. The business is building upon an already successful technical knowledge within the group for both metal and mineral re-use. Paul believes fundamentally that the success of the business is due to the strength of the team around him. Ballast Phoenix is part of the Inashco Group, which operates globally and was founded in the Netherlands in 2008 to market a unique patented technology. The group processes bottom ash from Waste to Energy plants into usable raw materials such as metals and aggregate. This process helps close the material cycle and avoids CO2 emissions from primary raw material production. Essentially, the group’s mission is to be the partner of choice for the Waste to Energy sector and other stakeholders focused on responsible ash management. The ambition to convert ash into raw materials drives the group to deliver inventive solutions to its customers. Waterland is an independent private equity firm that supports entrepreneurs in realising their growth ambitions. With substantial financial resources and committed industry expertise, Waterland focuses on acquiring growing companies that are active in strong growth markets. Due to the current trend of increasing focus on sustainability and a more circular economy, combined with Ballast Phoenix and Inashco’s strong financial performance, Waterland Private Equity acquired both Ballast Phoenix and Inashco in mid-2015, in order to build an organisation that could provide its clients with a one stop shop solution for issues relating to incinerator Bottom Ash processing. Ultimately, Paul signs off by commenting as follows: 1806CV28 “The two transactions which Waterland initiated, combined Ballast Phoenix’s leading position in the UK aggregates market with Inashco’s world-class metals extraction technology. This not only enhances the value proposition for our clients in the UK, but also creates numerous opportunities for growth on a global scale. I am excited about the prospects for our company as a global leader in bottom ash processing.” Company: Ballast Phoenix Contact Email: paul.knight@ Phone: 01778 423345