Corporate Vision Issue 6

38 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 6 2018 , CamdenAssociates is a boutique investment bankingfirmspecialising in International financing.We profiled the firmand spoke to Jean-ClaudeGonneau aswe look to gain greater insight into the services that the firmoffers andwhat aspects havemade the teamso successful. The Financial Future for You Based in London, Camden is a corporate finance house with a specialty in international financing and a special emphasis a variety of sectors, including biotech; tech; real estate; as well as junior mining and exploration companies. Camden Associates is an ambitious firm, operating with an overall mission of getting deals done and taking the necessary steps to make the deal a success. Jean-Claude starts off the discussion by talking about the importance of delivering excellent customer service, and realising that each client and each individual case is never the same. It is for this reason that many clients are attracted to work with the firm, something that pleases Jean-Claude. “Basically, we want to understand the story, understand what the client wants to do and see if we can help. We never feel pressure in doing a deal we do not believe in and then we try and see how the market will react to the story and act accordingly. Essentially, within the market, we are simply more adapted to the constant developments that are arising, and do not believe two deals are the same.” Having talked about adapting to the advances across the sector since being established, Jean-Claude goes on to provide us with a brief overview of the industry within the region currently, highlighting the specific challenges that the team are currently facing. “Here at Camden Associates, we try and read the market and the new trends evolving. Clearly some powerful new trends are emerging in North America: including the revival of resources and the brand new ‘cannabis planet’. In continental Europe, new oil saving technologies are all the range, as well as Blockchain and HealthTech. As such, we are active in those fields.” Overall, these are exciting times for Camden Associates, with the team having lined up two spectacular deals which are due to be released soon, including one which has attracted the attention of a high-profile organisation in the name of the Bill and Melinda Gate’s Foundation. The company also has another deal lined up which will make an impact Europe wide on the second-hand car market. Lastly, in regard to mining, there are a number of very profitable mining deals, including one in Zimbabwe. 1805CV59 Contact: Jean-Claude Gonneau Address: 27 Hill St, Mayfair, London, W1J 5LP, UK Phone: 020 7290 9812 Website: