Corporate Vision Issue 6

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 6 2018 45 and advantages: • Identify the processes or application masks that are likely to cause the most user errors in the live system • Find out which process steps or masks are the most confusing for your users and will lead to slower process execution and high process costs. • Anticipate the processes/ steps or on which mask users need most help and reduce your help desk efforts Especially the anonymised assessments of the learners’ results are key to success of change management. Therefore, let’s look at the functionalities in detail: 1) Evaluation The learning reporter enables you to record and evaluate the learning progress and behaviour of your learners, roles and organisational units anonymously. If one of your users accesses the learning manager for knowledge needs, anonymised data about these interactions are collected, evaluated and made available for various improvement purposes, such as business process optimisation or adjustment of your internal trainings. The evaluation shows • Number of users accessing the training content/process • Average time required per user and learning step • Average number of attempts to complete each step successfully • Anonymised grading / success rate • Use of solution aids 2) Weak Spot Analysis Identify the need for optimisation by means of targeted weak- spot analysis with anonymous evaluation. On the basis of the anonymised evaluation, it is possible to obtain detailed information about the respective progress and to derive where there is a need for optimisation. The learning reporter’s data quickly shows the need for action and serious errors during the rollout which can be sorted out beforehand, so that a smooth implementation can take place. The evaluation shows • Learning steps with the most mistakes • Confusing learning steps • Learning steps with high demand for help” Moving forward, Christina envisions what the future holds for datango, highlighting just a few of the possibilities that lie ahead for the firm. “We will expand the analysis and prediction feature set within the datango performance suite. In particular, the process weak spot analysis will be advanced further. We work on functions, such as a suggestion for actions in critical process steps and targeted guidance for employees during process execution. Furthermore, it will be possible to run meaningful reports and analysis with the help of bots.” Leader in User Adoption Analytics & Prediction g Contact: Christina Misch Company: PARIS AG, Daimlerstr. 8a Kaarst,, 41564, Germany Telephone: 00 49 2131-762 010 Web Address: