Corporate Vision Issue 6

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 6 2018 53 Building a Modern Cyber Security and Compliance Culture Within Companies g different markets and continents, and believes these are very exciting times for MetaCompliance in terms of growth. “As a business, we are scaling fast and in addition to our offices in London, Birmingham and Derry, we will shortly be opening our first North American office as we begin to step up our operations in North America and across the globe. Our mission going forward is to continue to strengthen our position as a leader within the UK and Ireland whilst expanding further into the global marketspace, becoming a renowned and trusted brand in the cyber security market worldwide. “Currently, we are at a very exciting stage in the growth of our business. In the last year, we have significantly increased our turnover, doubled our workforce, strengthened our product portfolio and we plan to triple our turnover in the coming financial year. “As challengers in the industry, we consistently create the best offering in cyber security and compliance, and by having a clear focus on our customers, we will continue to develop innovative and cost-effective products that reinforce our local and global offering.” Ultimately, ensuring that the company will see its success continue, Robert is confident that the innovative team are well prepared to adapt to any developments which will arise within the sector, and he emphasises the importance of keeping staff happy and ensuring they can maximise their potential. “Cyber Security threats and Data Protection regulation have impacted significantly not only at Board level but with Governments. There is a growing recognition that despite the billions of dollars spent on information security in the form of firewalls and other aspects, organisations still find themselves vulnerable to outside attack. This has shown that staff are the key element that need to be strengthened and helped. Therefore, a greater focus needs to be placed on the correct tools to assist staff to provide a greater defence to cyber threats.” Address: 89 Worship Street, London, EC2A 2BF, UK Phone: 028 7135 9777 Website: