Corporate Vision Issue 6

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 6 2018 57 A Vision for the Future g patients, doctors, providers and employees. Allowing staff to maximise their potential, the team challenges its team to be innovative in their research, and therefore they lead change by striving to enable physicians to care for their patients in the home setting. With technology playing an increasingly important part in the healthcare industry, the firm has adapted to the relevant trends and is the only company in the sector to have successfully integrated various aspects of technology into one platform, as Quinton explains. “Many companies working in this area have created individual elements, i.e.; Artificial Intelligence to evaluate/diagnose patients (Google and IBM) or devices to monitor these diseases in the doctor’s office. To-date, apart from Notal Vision, no-one has successfully integrated these into one platform (or Ecosystem). Enabling Notal to offer a unique business model to eye care doctors and home based personalised medicine for patients.” Providing us with a brief overview of the industry within USA, Quinton delves into more detail about what impact the location of Notal Vision has had on the market, and how Notal Vision has capitalised on this aspect. “As a US based company focused on ophthalmology, we are working hard to build a company that services older patients at home (AMD primarily impacts patients who are 60+) to enable the longer term preservation of better vision and better healthcare outcomes for Government and Private payers. Using data generated by our platform, our goal is to positively impact the cost of treatment to the healthcare system (in a rapidly increasing demographic group) through either better efficacy or more cost-effective treatment.” With this in mind, Notal Vision has to attract the right staff which will adhere to its values, and this is a key aspect of its success. Enabling the company to attract the best staff, the firm’s unique, ground-breaking platform and devices attract talented staff who are craving a new challenge. This enthusiasm and talent which is embedded in the company has led to widespread optimism amongst the team about what the future holds, and Quinton signs off by telling us the company’s plans for the times ahead, and how they will adapt to future developments. “Looking ahead, our future is bright. At a recent ophthalmology meeting in Hawaii, a number of Key Opinion Leaders were asked as to the most exciting technology emerging in the eye space-to a person they answered Notal’s home-based personalised Wet AMD tracking device. “Ultimately, we are at the leading edge of the move to personalised home-based medicine. The ability to evaluate and track individual treatment needs through artificial intelligence and cloud-based devices is becoming a reality. This is both a government and American Academy of Ophthalmology imperative and we are ahead of the curve.” Address: 7717 Coppermine Drive, Manassas, Virginia, 20109, USA Phone: 001571 719-6419 Website: