Issue 6 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 6 2019 47 , Feb19090 Effective Results, Outstanding Results Converted are an award-winning digital agency helping companies to convert more, online. Recently, the firm found success in CV’s 2019 Creative Awards, where they were selected as 2019’s Leaders for Digital Optimisation Solutions - United Kingdom. On the back of this win, we profiled the agency and caught up withManaging Director, Shane Robinsonwho provided us with a behind the scenes glimpse into the inner workings of the company’s success. Since their inception in 2004, Converted have worked on a diverse range of prod- ucts from localised SME campaigns through to mul- ti-national, multilingual projects. As a digital agency, Converted provide their clients with a full suite of digital services; however, all projects focus on optimisation and meticulous testing to improve results. Helping companies to improve their brand perception, result and growth through expert consultan- cy and implementation, Shane begins by going into further detail about other areas the team at Converted specialises within, as well as touching on how the agency has been able to obtain such envious results. “Here at Converted, we specialise in conversion optimisation, which sits across multiple digital disci- plines. Aside from the traditional digital marketing services, we also have a team which work primarily on tracking, data & UX analysis, brand work, design and develop- ment. Additionally, our specialities also specifically lay in B2C e-com- merce & lead generation projects. “Over the years, we have worked with numerous clients from across all manner of different verticals, which include companies such as Ricoh, We Buy Any Home, Prezzybox to name but a few. The reality is, businesses want to grow, and that is the benchmark for success. Since our inception, we have managed to establish ourselves by focusing only on one important fact, results.” With such household names featured in their portfolio of work, Converted’s most successful work is in the B2C arena. However, the firm has also done a lot of work for various charities throughout the years. Although many of Con- verted’s clients approach them for guidance, the team ensure that they approach each project using the same methodology, regard- less of the size or background of the company. With so many varia- bles in each individual business, it is essential for the right processes to be used wherever they can. While on the topic of the team, Converted is supported by a group of talented, experienced, hard-working and committed individuals who work tirelessly to ensure they provide their clients’ ideal outcome. When discussing the internal culture, Shane is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the agency. “The team here at Converted play a vital role in the overall success of our operation. Without the right people, it is incredibly difficult to deliver to the quality of service required. However, no matter the quality of the individuals within your team, you need to give them the right support, direction and clarity to allow them to spread their wings and really fly with their role (proud momma bird moment). By putting great people in a directionless role, they will stagnate, and a lack of challenge also dulls their edge. As such, we challenge our team to improve and grow, and in return, they deliver success.” Bringing the interview to a close, Shane signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, noting how the team are focussing on working on their own projects; especially following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s 2019 Creative Awards where they were righteously awarded the ac- colade 2019’s Leaders for Digital Optimisation Solutions - United Kingdom. “Ultimately, we will spend more time working on our own stuff. We have so many good insights, stories and ideas that are not out there because we are focused so much on project work. Hopefully, this will change in the next year.” Company: Converted Telephone: 0800 228 9122 Web Address: