Issue 6 2019

K&S Partners 2019’s Leading Experts in Intellectual Property Law – India Neha Puri- Phoenix Legal [email protected] Recognised Leader in Energy Sector Dispute Resolution - India Biliana Tzvetkova - Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov & Velichkov [email protected] Best in Corporate Finance and Banking Law, 2019 - Bulgaria Martin Van der Schyf - Tiefenthaler Attorneys Inc [email protected] Construction Lawyer of the Year, 2019 - South Africa Rebecca Diacono - Fenech & Fenech Advocates [email protected] Most Outstanding Full-Service Law Firm of 2019 - Malta Linette Fonseca - Novo Cinemas [email protected] Best Cinema Chain 2019 - Middle East Erik Harstad - Nofence AS [email protected] Most Innovative Agriculture Technology Solution 2019 Nigel Dearden - 4 Elements Consulting Ltd [email protected] Hong Kong’s Best Project Management Consultancy - 2019 Silvia Christen - Anwaltskanzlei Hild & Kollegen [email protected] IT Law Firm of the Year 2019 - Germany Becky Mahon - R&D Tax Solutions Ltd [email protected] Leading Accounting and Tax Expert 2019 - UK Jaime McLiverty - Advocado [email protected] Most Innovative Omnichannel AdTech Company of 2019 Florian Rosenberger - KPMG Austria [email protected] Austria’s Most Outstanding Tax Consultant - 2019 Ritesh Kant - Novatium [email protected] Best in High-Efficiency Computing Solutions - India Parag Naik - Saankhya Labs [email protected] Leading Innovators in Broadcast Communications Technology - 2019 Noel del Castillo - Pragtechnologies [email protected] Most Innovative Software Developer to Watch in 2019 David Talby - Pacific AI [email protected] Most Influential CTO of the Year 2019 - Artificial Intelligence 2019 Corporate Excellence Awards Renae Devito renae.devito@ha Australia’s Most Outstanding Pri Josh Stein jstein@ad Most Influential CEO of the Ye Cara Schwartzkopf cschwartzkopf@ 2019’s Most Innovative Billy Wood - billy.wood@h Most Innovative Global Digit Uwe Hasenfus uwe.hasenfuss@ Best Integrated Digital Marke Laura Stepney - IC Laura@ico 2019’s Leading Tech-Sector Cor Tony Walford tony.walford Most Influential Corporate Fi Holly Re hrees@articu Most Innovative Cloud-Based Bilal Mahmoo b.mahmood@ 2019’s Leading Invoice Finance Jeffrey Weaver - F jweaver@ 2019’s Leading Experts in I Ignacio Kleiman - A ikleiman@a 2019’s Best Specialist Co Christa C christa.conne Most Cutting-Edge Sto Valentina Krist valentina.kristen 2019’s Best Online SME Le Leigh Rimm leigh@len 2019’s Most Reputable Online Ruth Kell ruth.kelly@ Most Influential CEO o Gilead Cooper - W gcooper@wi Commercial Litigation Barrister Lydia Woo lydia.woodw Most Innovative Insurtech Haggai Le haggai@ Most Innovative Social Ban