Issue 6 2022

and web applications diligently, in ways that are both tailorable and adaptable. Once a new API endpoint is discovered through its constant traffic analysis, Ammune™ clones and initiates a set of “microAI/ML machines” that protect the newly discovered endpoint, with an adapted protection policy. It is an out-of-the-box automated solution that has a plug-and-play way of working, which makes it incredibly easy for any company to use, while allowing it to access protection of the highest protection quality, anytime and anywhere. Serving companies across technology, fintech, finance, and telecommunications sectors, to just name a few, L7 Defense’s revolutionary technology is setting it apart from the crowd. With a provable dedication to customers and industry, its efforts will continue to adapt to the changing landscape of cybersecurity, and it looks forward to showing many more customers the excellence of its work in the future. Company: L7 Defense Contact: Yisrael Gross Website: Apr22078 Active Protection on APIs from the first Request L7 Defense, the ‘Best AI-Based API Security Solutions Provider’ for 2022, has established itself as a notable company in its industry through its ongoing dedication to improvement, innovation, and adaptation. With a solution that allows for the defense of API endpoints across both cloud-based and on-premises servers, it works hard to offer its customers cybersecurity and defense solutions that will become part of their organization’s existing structure in a ‘made to measure’ way. Being one of the best AI-made cybersecurity solutions for modern businesses, L7 Defense’s Ammune™ has become the front-running solution for customers when it comes to APIrelated security. Fundamentally, it assists in defending against API-borne attacks – a growing trend in cyber threats that has become a growing risk - enabling customers to protect themselves accordingly, with no extra effort. APIs have become critical for data sharing over the past years, especially with the growing rate of businesses having to fully move their businesses online, aka digital transformation, in the wake of the global pandemic that is still gripping the international community, ushering in a new remote work epoch. By their very nature, APIs have become incredibly useful for data sharing and applications integration, which make them a tempting target for threat actors. This is where companies such as L7 Defense step in. With the continuously evolving cyberthreats, it is pivotal that the API security provider that a company chooses will constantly keep pace with the threats their customers are facing. This is something that L7 Defense has been doing since its inception. Its flagship product, Ammune™, actively protects APIs from the first request with the highest level of accuracy, defending cloud and on-premises APIs