Issue 6 2022

Apr22017 Fostering Collaboration in Business Consultancy OneFourZero, the winner of 2022’s ‘Leading Digital Due Diligence Services Provider’ award, has made a name for itself by bringing a data-first approach to private equities. Working with diligence in commercial and strategic consulting, it makes itself an accessible and effective partner to its clients’ successes, working with empathy instead of aggression in order to keep collaboration at the core of its business. Thus, it enables its clients to make decisions with accuracy and an informed mindset, without the ludicrous costs often associated with ensuring these things. Global consultation firms are becoming more important than ever in today’s emerging epoch due to the increasing stressors of modern business. Thus, OneFourZero, a firm delivering M&A diligence reports, commercial performance monitoring, and value creation services is a firm stepping up to fill certain gaps in the market, taking its place amongst the international corporate community’s best consulting partners. Nominally, it truly does make itself an indispensable partner to its clients’ operations, serving investors and brands to provide specialist advice regarding tech-enabled and data diligence, making itself an industry leader in both. In this manner, its bespoke reports provide actionable insights into digital performance across the board for a client. This is enabled through rigorous analysis that considers all manner of individual factors in a holistic sense, allowing OneFourZero to deliver revolutionarily diligent services and digital transformation that will take a business to the next level. Additionally, OneFourZero provides value creation services to business in private equity and PE-backing on both the buy and sell sides of the table. Thus, it has created several highly flexible processes, able to adapt itself to suit a client’s needs and blend highvolume alternative data with traditional consulting to help analyse any potential investment. Thanks to years of aggressive investment, it now also boasts highly innovative technological solutions in data gathering and analysis. Having grown from 17 data sets in 2020 to over 1500 in 2021, it has made itself the only full-lifecycle firm that can deliver on data to answer every commercial question without offline methodologies. Furthermore, over the past 12 months, it has been investing heavily in its people – knowing full well that even the most impressive technological processes need exemplary people to manage them – and creating a well-staffed, knowledgeable, and diligent team as a result. Maintaining its core values of consultation and diligence, its staff and clients alike have their goals, objectives, challenges, and needs listened to in an empathic and sensitive manner. These are then acted on accordingly, allowing it to build an internal culture of trust and respect in its female-led, tech-enabled, DaaS hybrid firm; each being factors that have earned it notoriety in the international market. Lastly, with the pandemic having secured the emergence of the new digital epoch, OneFourZero is happy to say that it will be continuing to step up to the plate to be a supporting partner to its clients’ success. With a new office having opened in 2021 and many more opening soon in the EU and Asian Pacific, it is looking forward to continuing to push the limits of global data, improving the global corporate landscape as a result. Company: OneFourZero Contact: Fleur Hicks Website: