Issue 6 2023

Issue 6 2023 11 Apr23368 Empowering Traders to Become Capitalised Professionals The Funded Trader is an online demo trading evaluation firm that offers clients the opportunity to prove their trading skills in a risk-free environment for an upfront evaluation fee. If they pass this assessment, eligible traders are able to trade the company’s capital for a share of the profits generated in their Funded Account. Here, we discuss the company’s purpose, goals, and success in the Corporate Excellence Awards, in which it was named Best Retailer Funding Platform 2023. In 2021, The Funded Trader was established by the founders of Forex League and VVS Academy, who believed they could fill a gap in the market after trying out various other trading platforms. They set out to create a new startup that would gamify capital markets retail trading and provide a community for traders, by traders. The Funded Trader platform delivers an immersive medievalthemed experience to users who compete to earn videogame-style achievements, aiming to make the top of the leaderboard. Once they have completed multiple trading challenges, successful users are awarded the opportunity to trade the company’s capital and receive a percentage of the profits. The Funded Trader believes that every trader should be able to access the capital they need to transform their lives and reach their goals. While trading can be challenging and competitive, the company is committed to empowering traders by helping them access the support, technology, and risk management they need to reach their full potential. In just two years, The Funded Trader has completely transformed the fintech industry. The company has created an alternative path to financial freedom for more than 30,000 individuals from all walks of life, including fast food workers, college students, housewives, prison guards, and former professional football players. In the last year, the business has paid out more than $28 million to users, all the while earning tens of millions in revenue. The Funded Trader community is at the heart of what the company does; it views its membership as a valuable ecosystem for growth, connection, and success. It encourages its members to engage, interact, and share ideas with each other. To this end, it aims to create a collaborative and supportive environment where beginners and experts alike can learn from one another. “We believe that the purpose of life is to grow beyond our comfort zones in pursuit of worthy, ambitious goals,” comments Angelo Ciaramello, Co-Founder and CEO of The Funded Trader. “As a company, we never stop learning and pushing ourselves and our innovations. We hope our passion for growth inspires our community members to develop the habits, mindset, and resilience to confidently pursue their goals.” In order to deliver the best possible user experience, The Funded Trader is continuously listening to and responding to the needs of its community. It strives to innovate by thinking of new ways in which it can show appreciation and give back to its members. For example, it offers giveaways, promotions, and unique experiences to express gratitude for the loyalty and support of its users. Furthermore, The Funded Trader strives to foster trust with its community by maintaining transparency and integrity. This has also created a culture of honesty and accountability, enabling the company to build a sustainable, long-lasting programme that will benefit millions of people across the globe. As a result of the ground-breaking platform it has created, The Funded Trader has been awarded Best Retailer Funding Platform in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023. We congratulate Angelo and his team on this remarkable achievement and look forward to seeing how the company continues to innovate and lead the prop firm space in the years to come. Contact: Seema Kashyap Company: The Funded Trader Web Address: Angelo Ciaramello Carlos Rico