Issue 6 2023

Issue 6 2023 13 retail industry functions, and more so what customers want to see, is what makes its products truly unique. As a result, nobody is more worthy of the Best AI & Retail Technology Company 2023 – Texas award than Digit7, and we’re very eager to see how it continues to evolve alongside the technical giant that is AI. Contact: Annika Bergum Company: Digit7 Web Address: Apr23083 Digitally Innovating Your Shopping Experience AI has already proven itself to be a catalyst for change within the digital sphere. Its influence is becoming increasingly widespread with every passing day, and its advancements are truly a spectacle to behold. Businesses all over are looking to make the switch to AI alternatives, and leading the transfer within the shopping industry is Digit7. Following its triumph in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2023 in the form of its Best AI & Retail Technology Company 2023 – Texas award, we explore its rise to success. As architects of innovative retail focused solutions, Digit7 has dedicated itself towards providing retailers with the opportunity to gain a competitive edge in their pursuit of technological transformation. Its prowess in AI utilisation and ability to adapt to advances in the industry is what’s provided Digit7 with the means to forge next-gen solutions that’re based on new and emerging technologies. This is best exemplified through its multitude of inspired platforms and digital advancements. One such platform is DigitMart, an AIPowered Autonomous Checkout that’s designed to make the shopping experience increasingly seamless for both customers and retailers alike. Digit7 developed DigitMart as a way to eradicate the frustration and difficulties that can accompany a traditional shopping experience. It aims to provide the best for every person involved in the process, and simplifies every aspect through its onsite AI powered technologies. Digit7 has recognised the impact that digital transformations are having on customer loyalty, and how the step towards technology has resulted in increased revenue throughout the retail industry. With technological advancements comes an ease of access for customers that makes it far easier for them to shop how they want, and Digit7 has, as a result, developed the means to provide for merchants and consumers alike. This is further seen through its advanced DigitKart technology. DigitKart is a revolutionary piece of machinery that eliminates any customer’s qualms with self-checkout services throughout the world. It reinvents the meaning of intuitive technology and has created a system that can scan any item a retailer sells, and calculate what it is via its AI mainframe in under a second. As a result, merchants will be able to serve consumers at a much faster rate, whilst partnering with an AI that can see just as well as our eyes can. It can identify absolutely anything customers have to throw at it, and its innovative nature has the potential to set new industry standards across the world. In addition, DigitSquare goes on to exemplify the worldwide impact that Digit7’s technology will have on a multitude of countries. Acting as an automated annotation tool, DigitSquare uses computer vision applications in order to recognise objects, behaviours, and faces through its intricately designed capturing capabilities. It can, as a result, identify real objects in real time through a live feed, and proceeds to analyse and annotate in record-breaking time. Every aspect of Digit7’s projects are directly aimed towards making the lives of merchants far easier, and its DigitRobo is a prime example of how this inspiring company is working towards changing the game completely. Its inventory management and accurate calculations allow business owners to assess the stock levels within their warehouses through mobilised drones. These drones can recognise where merchants are able to maximise their stock usage, and predicts how to meet customer demand, all whilst effortlessly compiling warehouse information completely seamlessly. From its ambition to its digital adeptness, Digit7 has become the blueprint for what it means to fashion AI and technology into a usable tool for business owners everywhere. Its intrinsic insight into how the