Issue 7 2019

10 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 7 2019 , Nov18975 Based in Bangalore, India, iTransmaster Solutions Pvt Ltd provides business services at competitive prices to ensure client satisfaction each and every time. One Voice, Many Languages iTransmaster Solu- tions Pvt Ltd is a multifaceted business service provider with offices in Bangalore and Mumbai. The firm engages in providing language services and documentation strategies that can realign existing content by evolving a strategic plan that enhances brand image –all at highly compet- itive prices. The company’s vision is to create content which is both technical and web-based, yet engaging enough to have a high-impact for an enhanced business image. iTransmaster Solutions develops product documentation, technical support, and training materials, supported by the best talent in the industry to offer unparalleled client satisfaction. The firm consists of a group of individuals from high profile envi- ronments who came together via a meeting of minds, put our thoughts on the table and decided to build a corporation that makes a differ- ence. With an ambition to give this industry a new dimension, we look at innovative and creative ways to capture markets. The Asia-Pacific region is one of the fastest growing areas for the translation and localisation industry. iTransmaster Solutions’ extensive experience over several decades in this sector, along with axiomatic results, foresees it as a market leader in this area for the foreseeable future. Well trained employees are any company’s key asset as they add intrinsic and extrinsic value to the company as a whole. The firm’s development centre, located in Bangalore, India, has a highly trained and talented workforce, with staff portraying a seamless synergy with the management, across all verticals. This makes iTransmaster Solutions extreme- ly well integrated, allowing it to leverage its core competences and strengths, for unparalleled client satisfaction. Project managers are also an integral part of the firm’s opera- tional process and come from a background of leadership, working effectively to convey vision, ideas and goals. Project Managers at iTransmaster Solutions believes that if they can lead, they can deliver and they lead teams from a strategic perspective. A major part of project management portfolio is coordinating groups of individuals by promoting teamwork, delegating tasks, setting goals, transforming problems into opportunities and evaluating performance. Project managers are thought to inspire others and this is done through one of the key competences in the firm’s domain - communication. iTransmaster Solutions has executed numerous projects in a variety of verticals and managed projects end-to-end. Where and when needed, it can provide highly qualified consultants in specific domains and is confident that it can come to the table with a strong understanding of what its clients need.