Issue 7 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 7 2019 17 , Apr19477 Best Broadband Infrastructure Provider 2019 - West Africa & Region's Leading Telecommunications Service Provider 2019 Phase3 Telecom isWest Africa’s largest independent fibre optic infrastructure and telecommunications services provider. To celebrate the firm’s win in this year’s Telecoms Awards we profile it and share an insight into the secrets behind its incredible success. With coverage over thousands of kilo- metres and counting, Phase3 is licensed to run its network on Nigeria’s power infrastructure with expansion into the ECOWAS region using a unique Right of Way (RoW). Headquartered in Abuja Nigeria, the firm boasts multiple local and regional offices where its vibrant and dedicated team drive a fast growing, efficient, affordable and reliable backbone that service many of the region’s largest telecommunications opera- tors, internet service providers (ISPs), government institutions, schools, universities, multina- tionals, corporate organizations, small businesses, hospitals and residences; in Nigeria and West Africa Sub-Region. Seeking to meet the needs of this diverse array of clients, Phase3 offers a robust client-centred service offering and an array of seamless communication solu- tions that allow clients access to an invaluable network of over 400 cities worldwide through multiple global partnerships. When working with any new cli- ent, the team at Phase3 collabo- rate with them from the beginning to ensure that they understand their needs fully and are able to offer them the solution they need. This approach ensures that at every stage of the process, from the beginning through to integration and beyond, the client feels supported and receives the solution that is right for them. These solutions range from dedicated internet services and mobile TV through to dark fibre and local area networks. To en- sure quality of service for every client, Phase3 runs its fibre optic network on power lines, so that every esteemed client receives the highest quality service with very low latency. Looking towards a bright future, Phase3 will continue to work towards a digital transformation journey that is nimble, agile and responsive. This revolution will drive the firm to even greater success throughout the West Africa region and beyond, as the company pursues global growth to ensure its continued prosper- ity throughout 2019 and further ahead. Company: Phase3 Telecom Name: Morayo Nwabufo Address: 4 Yedseram Street, Maitama Telephone Number: 094603130