Issue 7 2019

26 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 7 2019 , Jun19216 Designing Virtual Realities which are Better than Reality Paracosma Inc is an Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) design, consulting and systems integration company that provides solutions and skills to both small and large customers. Recently, we profiled the firm to discover more about the innovative solutions the team delivers, and caught up with CV’s Most Influential CEO of the Year 2019 - AR/VR, Ken Ehrhart who provided us with a detailed glimpse into the innerworkings of the successful company. Since their inception in 2016, Paracos- ma has developed numerous enterprise and industrial AR and VR applications which includes medical and industrial VR simula- tion and training platforms being used for laparoscopic surgery and oil and gas transportation; photo-realistic rendering of 3D models to replace staged interior photography for a leading home goods retailer and consumer facing AR applications to name but a few. Providing a vast selection of services which includes content creation, application develop- ment and project implementation across a broad range of AR and VR platforms, Paracosma also creates its own content in the gaming, entertainment, tourism, enterprise and education/train- ing spaces. Serving both large enterprises and small, inde- pendent companies that have a vision for AR and VR but lack the resources to implement that vision, Ken begins by informing us of the clients the firm serves and how the team approaches each project and client. “Here at Paracosma, we bring the technical expertise while they bring their domain expertise. By combining these together we are able to create the best solution for their industry based on the latest technology developments. “Paracosma approaches each project and client requirement as an opportunity to learn more about how AR and VR can best support the required outcomes. We focus on both what can be delivered now with current tech- nologies and what will be availa- ble in the near future to meet the future vision of our clients.” Working behind the scenes to ensure the firm is able to deliver such an exceptional service, is the creative, passionate and dedicated team which forms the backbone of Paracosma. When discussing the internal culture at Paracosma, Ken is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm. “Paracosma’s success is due to the expertise and capability of its teams. With dedicated teams for AR, VR, 360 video, Art and modeling, and backend/server development, Paracosma keeps up with the latest developments in each sector to provide the best results for our clients. Such fast-moving technology, requires highly dedicated and passionate specialists to implement and innovate the best solutions.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at Paracosma will continue to deliv- er an impeccable service which not only ensures that they meet the requirements which have been set by their clients, but also surpasses their expectations. Bringing the interview to a close, Ken signs off by revealing the plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, as well as touching on the opportunities for both AR and VR. “Currently, Paracosma is launching its consumer VR game, Unnamed VR. Unnamed VR is an open-ended sandbox game in which the only goal is to explore and have fun in VR. The setting is a large mansion with many, many rooms. In the ‘regular rooms’ most objects are interactive so you can pick up, juggle, throw or place any small object. The vases break. The drawers and cupboards open. Then there are a number of ‘mini game’ rooms, such as the adventure room with zip lines, archery in an old-west stockade and an endlessly reconfiguring maze to name but a few. Every type of interaction created in Unnamed VR, can also serve as the basis for any type of interac- tion required for our enterprise clients’ training and simulation applications. “Moving forward, the opportuni- ties for AR and VR are unlimit- ed. Anything you can imagine, whether real or virtual, can be created with the technology. Thus, the only constraints we face are the imagination of our clients and the innovation of our engineers and artists. We seek to match the vision of our clients with our delivery of solutions.” Contact: Ken Ehrhart Company: Paracosma Inc Address: 2 Clarence Place #12, San Francisco, California, 94123, United States of America Telephone: 833-PARACOSMA (833-727-2267) Web Address: