Issue 7 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 7 2019 9 , Paksons Enterprises is a Kericho-based company, founded in 2000, with the aimof providing exceptional farming solutions through quality goods and services at affordable prices. Farming for the Future The agribusiness of Paksons Enterprises strives to become the farmers’ one stop supermarket and the firm is able to help its farmers to easily access and acquire products at affordable prices that, in turn, increase quality and productivity in their various farming activities. Ready markets for their output from the farm therefore become available both locally and internationally. For instance, farm- ers can easily supply their farm produce to Pakmart Supermar- ket. Moreover, the company has managed to participate in various agricultural projects that are aimed at providing support to small-scale farmers who venture in different agribusiness activities. The variety of products available at Pakmart Supermarket is vast, but the firm still continues to widen its assortment and to monitor the relevant market niche on a regular basis in order to keep its prices competitive. Wesley Rotich is Chief Execu- tive Officer of the firm. A highly motivated and confident leader, with exceptional multi-tasking and organisational skills, Wesley has extensive experience of identifying the needs of corporate customers and of running and delivering sales and marketing campaigns for key clients. He possesses a signifi- cant record of achievements in management and has the ability to quickly understand the mission, vi- sion and values of an organisation. Nov18739 activities in the organisation which involves; communication between the staff members, staff and the non-staff and even between the staff and the customers. In addi- tion, it also plays a significant role in the sales that are made by the firm on a daily basis. Paksons Enterprises embraces an SMS PLA TFORM system as a way of providing after sales services to the farmers who shop at its premises. This has increased the sales volume over time as the farmers are more encouraged to buy the products. The short messages sent to them is as a way of appreciation for shopping and also meant for the challenges encountered by the farmers while using Paksons different products, such as its agro-chemicals. Paksons Enterprises works towards involvement of the local community in its day-to-day ac- tivities. It has created awareness about the safe-use and handling of its products, overseen tree planting programmes and also provided information to its farmers, and the community as a whole, through public training workshops and seminars. In addition, the firm’s active involvement in sporting and games activities with partnership of the County government has been a great success and has nurtured several young talented individuals, as well as sponsor organisations such as the Football Kenya Fed- eration. The company’s daily activities consist of sales of products to stockists, with the main goal being customer satisfaction through good customer relations which, in turn, has seen the company grow. The company has taken part in providing extension services to farmers, both in their farms and also through door-to-door services as well as consultation services which help farmers improve their businesses. Paksons is also work- ing to improve access to its quality farm inputs through partnership with the Kenya Markets Trust. Paksons Enterprises acknowledg- es the impact that information and communication technology has on a given firm or enterprise and more so in the running of the daily