Issue 7 2020

Issue 7 2020 17 Mar20371 Founded more than ten years ago and based in the heart of legal London, Maltin PR has handled a range of national and international high-profile, complex, and sensitive reputation management and litigation support campaigns. With experience of campaign work that includes the Leveson Inquiry and several international banking and commercial litigation matters, it is no wonder the firm has been named Leading Specialists in Reputation Management, 2020 – UK. We learn more as we take a closer look at the firm. The public nature of Corporate and High Net Worth disputes have enormous potential to impact upon hard-won reputations, so clients often seek reputation management during critical disputes. Maltin PR has specialised in mitigating the risks to individuals and corporates for over a decade, whilst also directly supporting any legal action that is ongoing. The adversarial nature of disputes greatly increases the likelihood that an individual will suffer attacks in the media, and companies are becoming more aware of the importance of deploying a strong media strategy to work in collaboration with their legal plans. Utilising the media in a litigation, whether to push for settlement or influence stakeholder opinion is not an easy matter, but Maltin PR specialises in these complex aspects of the legal process as part of its everyday work. Maltin PR was founded by Tim Maltin, a recognised expert in Legal and Litigation PR, and Reputation Management. Mr Maltin and his team are highly ranked in major UK and US legal directories, with clients praising their dedication to the cases they work on and their ability to rapidly digest complex cases and prepare journalist-friendly briefings without losing accuracy. Mr Maltin also speaks at panel events about media and the law, in addition to writing on the topic of litigation PR for leading legal publications. Over the last decade, Maltin PR has worked on many major cases in the United Kingdom’s commercial courts. These include a £200m litigation against one of the largest banks in the world, PR surrounding the repatriation of funds in $300m international fraud, a politically charged litigation over the return of $1bn in gold, and the defence of ongoing investigations by prosecuting authorities on behalf of major international corporates. Crucial to the protection of any reputation is controlling the narrative surrounding a litigation, and Maltin PR offers clients a wide range of services to support their strategic aims. Protecting reputations and shaping the media narrative on complex, often multi-jurisdictional, matters is core to what Maltin PR offers for its many clients. Managing Reputations During Litigation Across every case and with every client, Maltin PR works discreetly and effectively to deliver PR and litigation support objectives through all stages of the legal process, working closely with clients and their legal advisers to facilitate a joined-up approach. In doing so, the firm supports clients’ overall legal strategy as well as establishing a robust communications strategy, ensuring that the bigger picture is not missed in the trenches of litigation. Working closely with clients’ legal teams, the Firm ensures that all legal documents adequately consider the communications side of the litigation, maximising their impact in the media. Alongside this, Maltin PR works closely with key journalists, providing them with background briefings and the tools to report on the latest developments in high-value commercial disputes. Maltin PR works to maximise media exposure where beneficial and ensures that press interest is kept to a minimum when this is desirable. It is all about controlling the narrative surrounding a case, through focusing on their clients’ key themes and mitigating the impact of opposing press briefings. Maltin PR secures results quickly, creating narratives which avoid key areas of weakness within a case and reputations, and working to enhance both the clients’ prospects of success, and their global reputations. Protecting a hard-won reputation is just as vital as winning the litigation itself. With Maltin PR on board, clients are assisted to win both inside and outside the courtroom. Contact: James Lynch Website: