Issue 7 2020

Mar20268 Property Lawyers Secure Success The world of property management brings a unique set of challenges and demands, which must be met with a talented team. The lawyers at Kreutzer & Kreuzau have proven time and again to be exceptional at their work. Having achieved amazing success in last year’s Corporate Excellence Awards, they have once again been recognised for their incredible work. Named Leading Expert in Property & Real Estate Law 2020 – Germany, we look more closely at the firm to find out more. When it comes to property law, it pays not only to be fully aware of your rights, but to have a team who can represent your perspective to the fullest. Championing the needs of landlords, estate agents and tenants, the team at Kreutzer & Kreuzau of Düsseldorf have shown that they know how best to handle cases of all sorts relating to tenancy law, residential property law and real estate law. The team are specialists in the field, boasting unique knowledge that has helped clients in many different ways. The legal issues that go into the successful management of property, such as the production of legally compliant correspondence, assistance with the transfer of rented premises, preparation of utility bills, validity of special agreements, problems with the house rules or settlement of the tenancy can all be undertaken by this talented set of lawyers. The team work tirelessly to achieve the best possible results for their clients, drawing on their years of expertise to ensure that they are represented clearly and effectively. While Kreutzer & Kreuzau revolves around specific areas of law, this does not mean that they cannot assist with general real estate issues such as Usufruct, Foreclosure or Right of way. In fact, the team’s in-depth knowledge makes them the ideal candidates for any work of this kind. The heart of every business relationship that Kreutzer & Kreuzau undertakes is based on trust. This trust goes both ways, with the firm promising to deliver the best legal advice in a specific situation, while the client promises to provide as much information as possible. Success for the firm comes most easily when everyone works together to produce a sensible strategy that allows a property to be run most effectively. Because the firm is boutique, the team are able to provide each client with the comfort and security of a high-quality team. Needless to say, the success of Kreutzer & Kreuzau year after year, shown by the accolades the team has acquired, demonstrate the levels of success it has been able to reach. Going forward, it’s clear that the firm will continue its current commitment to impressive service. Having been able to achieve so much by going above and beyond, it’s little wonder that the firm has reached such amazing heights of success. Because the firm is boutique, the team are able to provide each client with the comfort and security of a high-quality team. Issue 7 2020 21 Contact: Michael Kreuzau Web Address: