Issue 7 2021

Issue 7 2021 11 With digitization being the key to the future for all industries, both in terms of sustainability and after the acceleration of it during the pandemic, AVEVA has been working hard to make itself fit the new paradigm expertly. This has involved shifts in all methodologies, from designing to building, operating, and maintaining critical assets and production processes. AVEVA’S industrial customers are increasingly leveraging mega trends to empower such transformations. Fundamentally, this means that digital capabilities will increasingly be acting as the barometer for business success – and so, AVEVA is making itself the business partner that will help its customers hit that – as well as constantly evolving its own processes and operations. Thanks to AVEVA’s solid financial performance across the board in FY21, in the double digits for H1; alongside successful mergers and navigating the pandemic, it is easy to see why this company has become one to watch in its industry. Committed to supporting the realization of a better future, AVEVA has refined and generated its current processes over decades of adaptation. Additionally, between its commitment to its clients, its incredible technological acumen, and the dedication of its staff, its work is forever helping it to reach for its goal of helping customers address all aspects of their sustainability plans and agendas. Looking forward to working with many more sustainably minded businesses in the future to deliver measurable, actionable goals, it is confident that it will see vast improvement in the corporate world’s mindset towards nature in the coming years, excited to be one of the companies leading the charge. Company: AVEVA Contact: James Kidd Website: