Issue 7 2021

May21379 Z for Zenith of Consultancy Z Consulting, founded in 2010, is a boutique consulting firm that focuses on helping companies transform their business practices, allowing them to achieve ultimate effectiveness and efficiency. Z Consulting delivers high value consulting services with the goal of helping their clients attain their organizational and operational goals and objectives. The average years of experience for its consultants is more than 20 years of professional experience in customer/supplier relationship management, project management, change management, supply chain, IT and of course, consulting. ‘We work with our clients to design their future state and believe that employee-led change is the most successful model with the longest lasting results. With a niche staffing model of experienced professionals, Z Consulting has helped our clients implement solutions that best fit their own organizational culture. We offer our clients solutions in all fields of management consulting: strategy, organization/culture design, processes and change management. We strive to render services of the highest quality to our customers.’ Says Deb Zolna, Founder and Managing Consultant. Working around the clock to keep clients happy, its internal core values must also be attended to; making sure that its positive execution starts from within the company. Deb comments, ‘Our core values drive our ability to deliver. They include: • Guiding clients to excellence through knowledge, experience and innovation • Being a trusted partner through commitment, accountability and investment in the success of our clients • Prioritizing collaboration to deliver tailored solutions and operational wins • Providing flexibility by pivoting to support changing needs and unexpected challenges • Empowering our team to create their optimal work/life balance • Having fun by embracing levity and laughter.’ Approaching a consulting firm is a personal experience and to offer the finest advice, it’s best to understand the client and the workplace. How does Z Consulting serve its clients and what can they offer to make the experience unique? Deb replies, ‘Our current primary client base is the supply chain departments inside of healthcare organizations. We help supply chains implement transformative and collaborative changes that ensure all clinical roles have what they need to treat their patients- this is our passion. Without a collaborative, functional, and responsive supply chain, it would be near impossible for healthcare systems to operate.’ Deb continues, ‘Our project delivery capabilities are differentiated from internal PMO’s and competitors because we know it’s hard to manage day-to-day responsibilities while also implementing continuous improvement efforts. In addition to project management services, Z Consulting empowers your employee base by developing and delivering the project artifacts and communications associated with any initiative.’ In this industry, you’ve got to be a people-person to understand the wants and needs of B2B and B2C communications. A business model will only take you as far as the most dedicated and passionate staff members, so what is it like at Z Consulting? Deb states, ‘Our team dynamic is more important than any one skillset and we don’t compromise on that. We look for team members who are client-focused, deliverable-driven, flexible, collaborative and fun.’ Businesses reflect the ideas and personal involvement each team member brings to the table, so has this mentality always been a part of the firm? ‘When Z Consulting started to engage with business partners back in 2011, our talent pool stemmed from the stay-at-home mom network. This is a completely untapped labour pool that is underestimated. The original Z Consulting business partners that started with the company are still engaged as they have proven to our clients that they can develop trusted relationships, deliver on time with quality, and still make it to everyone of their kids’ sporting events and dance recitals. As a result, our clients ask for business partners by name and welcome our new talent because they know that we don’t settle when it comes to hiring.’ Deb states. As stated previously, Z Consulting’s primary client base is supply chain departments inside of healthcare organisations. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected its core clients? ‘COVID-19 challenged everything around the healthcare supply chain,’ says Deb, ‘With the onslaught of the pandemic we had to pivot our service offerings to meet the needs of our clients. Hospitals no longer had time or money for transformations. They were in a mad scramble to find the critical PPE needed to protect their staff and their patients. So, we shifted our focus to take some tactical work like take contracting off their plates as well as helping them source those critical items. Now that we are reengaging after the implementation of the vaccines, we are still playing that critical role of helping our clients complete their projects while still filling those tactical roles from an end-to-end supply chain perspective.’ With a solid business foundation, passionate team members and respected clients, what else can we expect from Z Consulting in the future? ‘Although our book of business has solely been healthcare, we believe that our services can transcend that boundary and apply across the supply chain industry entirely. We are looking forward to new challenges, opportunities, and the possibility to help many more organisations.’ Establishing a trusted clientele early was a brilliant move during the foundation years and Z Consulting has since proven itself within the industry as one of the best consulting firms around. We have no doubt that we will continue to see great things from Z Consulting in the future. Contact: Deb Zolna Company: Z Consulting Web Address: Email: [email protected] Address: 7350 S Ukraine St. Aurora, CO 80016