Issue 7 2021

Issue 7 2021 15 world through an in-depth understanding of human behaviour and how certain stimuli will affect their behaviour, connecting computing power directly to human activity. Although it knows there is still a long way to go in terms of the promotion of this approach, it is confident that the market is experiencing a tone shift; one that has been made especially prevalent by the last year or so. Over the course of the pandemic, people have had to rely more than ever on technology. From intrapersonal communication to governmental liaising, business deals, and more, everything has had to pivot online, making computed solutions to modern problems a more important field than ever before. Moreover, when one considers what Pandexit does and how much it is tailored specifically to make government and official lives easier when considering the impact of rules and regulations, it becomes clear just how much algorithm creation and deep technology will be important going forward. Company: ADGS Computer Systems Contact: Christophe Billiottet Website: