Issue 7 2021

Apr21541 Investing in the Internet of Things The internet already plays a major role in every part of our lives, but as technology becomes more sophisticated, that is only going to grow in the coming years. We take a look at TeraCode, worthy winners in the Technology Innovator Awards 2021 where they were named Leading Providers of End-to-End IoT Services - South Atlantic USA, to see how they were able to achieve such a startling degree of success. The world of business is set to change, and those companies that will thrive in the future have to embrace the new world that is set to come. The adoption of the IoT is going to be a key issue for many, as it involves finding a strategy that is right for each individual circumstance. The team behind TeraCode already have that knowledge, and are happy to assist businesses to implement IoT services on a corporate scale. Any successful IoT initiative starts with the right strategy. The IoT depends on the needs of value proposition, data collection and the benefits that are available to both the business and its customers. From this information, TeraCode carefully designs a unique and bespoke IoT solution that is both effective and cost-efficient. Some providers use their IoT platform as a generic business template, but no two businesses are the same and by adapting features carefully, it’s possible to adopt an approach which saves both time and money. The TeraCode team, therefore, focus on the specific services a business needs. With no specific loyalties to individual companies, they put their customers first every time. The strategy taken is one which makes the move to the IoT as easy as possible. For many organizations, TeraCode acts as the single comprehensive solution that many businesses have spent the last few years looking for. The value of a good IoT strategy cannot be calculated, especially for a smaller business. It can lead to new business models, new revenue opportunities, and new value propositions. In many ways, planning for the changes that your business will face is a key part of ensuring the success of the IoT. TeraCode works closely with organizations, going beyond simply connecting devices together and finding ways to ensure that they can really transform their business. The process is one which is designed to identify opportunities, build an action plan and establish exactly what sort of IoT architecture is required. The innovative nature of the IoT makes it more difficult to accommodate than traditional software design, and special attention must be paid to both security and the additional scale that comes with IoT. By working closely with a team that has expertise with a wide variety of products such as AWS and Azure, it’s possible to ensure that the IoT infrastructure you need can grow efficiently and effectively with you. The team’s knowledge of the industry means that you only pay for what you are using, ensuring a lean, but easily scalable solution. Of course, for most companies, the reason to turn to the IoT is to embrace the potential of AI and machine learning. The TeraCode team of data scientists are on hand to ensure that their clients can maximize their return on investment, building models that drive cost savings and new revenue opportunities. As technology becomes more sophisticated, it’s clear that there are always methods of optimizing processes, improving quality and eliminating any downtime. In short, this is a team that can guide you through the whole complex business of moving your organization forward, putting your needs first and foremost at all times. The IoT is going to transform the world for the better, with an astonishing degree of potential still yet to be realized by companies. TeraCode plays a key role for many, ensuring that they are ready for the next generation of technological upgrades. Their high-quality work is invaluable to industry, and certain to transform businesses for years to come. Company: TeraCode Name: Michael Sack Email: [email protected]