Issue 7 2021

Apr21709 Issue 7 2021 21 Most Innovative Specialised Engineering Software Providers – Peru Established in 2000, ABS Ingenieros provides engineering services in the electrical and electromechanical sector. It is an award-winning company dedicated to developing innovative software tools for electrical engineering and related branches, enhancing this activity with constant research work. It provides solutions that facilitate engineering work, increasing the efficiency and enhancing the quality of electromechanical projects. In July 2000, ABS Ingenieros published its first software tool (version 2.5) called “Translation Lines Design Software, DTL-CAD”, which incorporates in a single tool all the procedures of drawing, calculation, analysis, generation of reports and generation of planes. It is a unique tool that can do everything, thus marking a historical milestone of technological change in the engineering of electric transmission lines and distribution. The internationalisation of ABS Ingenieros began in 2010 with the company being a symbol of international success due to its wide application in the electric sector, as well as in the educational field and the great technological contribution that has meant the energy development of Peru and the world. ABS Ingenieros provides growth opportunities to future engineers of the electric sector within their professional training. Currently, the company has technical-educational agreements with top Latin American universities, for which it has implemented state-of-the-art laboratories. Students an develop parallel practice and theory, developing projects and analysing real situations under the tutelage of their teachers and with ABS Ingenieros’ technical support. The teachers of these students are both trained and certified in the management of ABS Ingenieros’ tools. This enables the technological tools to be put at the service of education, contributing to the training of hundreds of students who will then present their thesis of degree, will be certified in the use and handling of the tools, and above all, will solve diverse situations in optimal times and with calculations and more precise designs according to the needs of the workplace and the demands of the world today. The company also offers a range of online courses where so far, 2,000 users have learned how to use the company’s software via videos, activities and theoretical information. Individuals who have completed the courses have found them to be a simple and useful way to learn and they find the software helps them to optimise processes such as design of plans, guaranteeing their quality of work in every day life. ABS Ingenieros is a company that is committed to its social responsibility, focused on the wellbeing of its employees, customers and society. It has sound ethical principles, is innovative, responsible and transparent, and has great investigative power. This commitment is based on the Common Management System, a set of integral rules of obligatory compliance, through which it has the commitment to offer services, systems and processes of full satisfaction to its customers. Its engineers have also joined a campaign of solidarity: PERU A SOLE FORCE and PERU DA LA MANO, supporting with food and water and offering a voluntary service in favour of those affected by inclement weather. Also as part of their social responsibility, the team participates in activities related to the development of children, and also promote support to the CEDER! Center, an institution that works for children, adolescents and their families. Indeed, ABS Ingenieros is a company with an outstanding reputation, owed to its pride in its work, the way it strives to deliver only the best for its customers, and the support it offers to its local community. And its success is reflected by a number of accolades including the Century International Quality ERA Award which was received in Switzerland in 2018 in response to the company’s efforts and dedication to continuously developing innovative tools for engineering, and it was recognised as a model company of excellence and innovation in the development of specialised software for electrical engineering by Latin American Quality Institute (LAQI) in 2019, along with several other awards. Company: ABS Ingenieros Contact: Walter Sanchez Email: [email protected]