Issue 7 2021

Apr21426 Excellence FromWithin The ‘Best Small Enterprise Cloud Consulting & Services Firm’ in 2021 for India, Azucane Business Solutions is a company driving its clients forward towards further success. Working with corporate entities from Aequs to Hero, its exemplary technological solutions promise to streamline, improve, and take away the stress of internal process management. A Gold Microsoft Partner and company with growing influence, Azucane Business Solutions focuses on Enterprise and Cloud solutions consultancy, implementation, and support. All such services are delivered with Azucane Business Solutions’ signature customer service acumen, thoughtfully planned, and carefully executed in order to keep business objectives at the forefront. Fundamentally, it works backwards towards a solution, with Microsoft Enterprise remaining its preferred tool of problem solving; due to this, it is always willing to talk a client through the how and why of this particular element of its operational model. This is all made possible by way of its professional and experienced team. Each member of staff in its ranks has extensive knowledge of both Enterprise and Cloud, and their use across a number of industry verticals, businesses, and sectors, in order to ensure the business in question is functioning to the peak of its success. Furthermore, each engagement is streamlined by this team until it’s perfect, allowing the business in question to guarantee the success of its various engagements. This is, of course, an invaluable boon to Azucane Business Solutions’ clients, and so it prides itself on its lean implementations and thoughtful solution planning as it’s unique selling points, each provided by some of the best minds in the field. Azucane Business Solutions is proficient in so much more than just the aforementioned two solutions, even though they are its two core services; it is also a specialist in Human Capital Management – a key offering of its services portfolio, and something that has gained it increased notoriety. Amongst its services, it offers so much more in its technology and consultancy than just problem solving. In fact, Azucane Business Solutions believes that its role is to also add value to its client’s businesses – by way of advice, innovation, and people management – making sure it does right by a client every single time. Moreover, each of its solutions can be further broken down. For example, its technological consultation work can be split into three separate prongs, namely process consulting, technology consulting, PMO consultations, and its architecture and implementation work. This can be dispersed into technology expertise, design implementation, and integration. In tandem with this is its Acuzane migration and upgrade solution provision; this seamlessly and elegantly moves a business’s work from on premises to cloud migration, a service that proved invaluable during the past year as businesses had to pivot to remote work across the board. Furthermore, with application lifecycle maintenance available, support ready to take a client’s calls, comments, or concerns at any point, and maintenance both on and off site, its dedicated and shared solutions allow for a mix of both support and change management. In a similar vein, Azucane Business Solutions also offers training regarding its solutions. Within these training solutions are included education resources and workshops, both in the classroom and taking place entirely remotely, also covering driving application usage in order to provide its clients’ staff with expertise and transferrable skills. Additionally, included in Azucane Business Solutions’ human capital management, it boasts a variety of services such as recruitment and staffing help in order to help a client find the right people for the right role, permanent and contract employee management, and aid with HR process outsourcing. As shown by the sheer variety of services and solutions under this umbrella, it is extremely proficient with helping its clients create the team that will take it into the future. After Azucane Business Solutions has plied this trade, its clients often find that its internal structure is far healthier, and that the right people are in the right seats to ensure that jobs and tasks are getting done effectively.