Issue 7 2021

May21005 Saving For Their Future Designed to help parents offer financial support for their children’s ambitions and hopes for the future, UNest is a money-saving app with heart. Now named as the Most Client-Focused Mobile Investment Platform – 2021 at the Corporate Excellence Awards 2021, UNest is establishing itself as the expert investment solution for financial stability. There are many things that set UNest apart in the US fintech market, which becomes more heavily saturated with new and innovative companies on a daily basis. From its female CEO and Founder, Ksenia Yudina - who is also a mother of three – to its astonishing growth in popularity in only three years, it is unsurprising that UNest has attracted global attention since its establishment in 2018. However, it is UNest’s founding mission that truly differentiates it from the fellow giants of the fintech industry. Designed to help all parents build a better future for their children, the UNest app was born from Ksenia’s profound belief in the importance of education and her recognition of the difficulties in appropriately investing in it. Having been a financial advisor prior to establishing UNest, Ksenia had worked with a fellow mother of three who was looking to save her money most effectively for her children’s education. The process was long and complicated, but with Ksenia’s help, the client was able to come away satisfied with a solution that ensured her money would be working for her children and their future. For many parents, however, this kind of financial advice was not so readily available. Not until UNest entered the market. Leaving her position as a financial advisor to focus her efforts on this new project, Ksenia sought to make it possible for all parents, irrespective of their financial expertise, experience in investing, or level of wealth, to have the information and the resources they need to save for their children’s education. The app is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that can be set up in under five minutes to allow parents to establish and manage a 529 Education Savings Plan for their child, for just $3 a month. The 529 Plan is widely regarded as the optimal choice for saving, owing to its tax advantages and investment options and, with UNest, is constantly being optimized so as to ensure the money that parents pay in is being invested in the smartest way for them and their child. The app links securely to the parents’ bank account so that they can automatically transfer money into their UNest account on a monthly basis. UNest looks after their money, factoring in the expected risks and returns of stocks, bonds and other investment vehicles and the timescales set by the parents. Parents simply need to look at their phone when they want to check in on their investments and can also use the app to adjust their monthly contributions or see what their final savings amount will be based on expected investment returns. The app even allows other family members to gift tax-free contributions directly into their UNest account. With all these capabilities available on a platform that is accessible from the mobile in their pocket, parents are able to make a real difference to their children’s future. Thanks to Ksenia and the team at UNest, the education and career goals and ambitions of their users’ children are much closer to becoming a reality. Contact: Garrett Gilbertson Web Address: