Issue 7 2021

A Trusted Partner for Your Career Journey Winner of the award for Best Small HCM Consulting & Services Firm 2021 – Switzerland, Congentis is a leading human capital agency and business development advisory, operating on a uniquely comprehensive business model. Dr Christian L. Glossner, Founder of Congentis, tells us more. Congentis is an independent human capital agency and business development advisory headquartered in Zurich. Committed to quality, integrity and confidentiality, Congentis’ experienced team provides services to both employers and employees across multiple industries and geographies to achieve the best ‘person-to-organisation’ fit. Unlike a recruitment company or head-hunting firm, Congentis is an agent to human capital that supports candidates and clients throughout the entirety of the career path. “We combine the latest academic research regarding strategic human resources, high-commitment HCM, reciprocity and reputation, employer branding, performance evaluations and improvement, career designs, training, as well as transaction cost and employment economics,” says Professor Christian Glossner, Founder and Managing Partner of Congentis, of the firm’s comprehensive approach to human capital - “We aim to provide holistic, innovative and sustainable human capital solutions to both candidates and corporate partners.” In order to identify and secure the best talent, Congentis combines its very own professional network with personal referrals and data-driven recruitment solutions. “Congentis looks for people with impressive academic qualifications, professional experience, and, most importantly, the drive to constantly improve,” Christian tells us: “It is very crucial that a candidate possesses all three of these elements.” As part of Congentis’ commitment to holistic human capital management, the firm provides services in contract review, relocation, immigration, taxation, and career planning, in addition to training and qualification through its specialised executive academies, customised professional training and digital learning journeys for both corporate and private clients. In addition, Congentis also provides services in interim management and succession planning. The benefits of Congentis’ holistic services are multitudinous, particularly for large corporate clients – or partners, as Christian prefers to refer to them – looking to acquire exceptional talent for their team while focusing on the bigger picture of business growth. “Generally, the owner, executive, managing director or line manager approaches us expressing their general and specific pain points,” explains Christian - “Accordingly, we provide advice and help fill key vacancies enabling and facilitating our partners to focus on their core business. These roles also include executive and other top-tier positions in management.” Recently, we have seen a lot of movement and volatility on the employment market. This is two-fold: first is the increasing lay-offs of lower to mid-level employees, while the second revolves around head- hunting, where few people are sought after across a variety of industries. Congentis is being trusted now more than ever by both candidates and corporate partners to support them as they navigate those disruptions and developments. Despite no initial plans to expand the business into new geographies and industries, various requests to recruit clients for different markets, such as China and Silicon Valley, and in sectors like software and academia has seen growth develop as a natural consequence for Congentis, leading to an increase in staff and the establishment of sister companies. In turn, the success and unique position of the firm has led to several offers from bigger recruiters and HR offers to buy Congentis, a clear indicator of the reputation for excellence that this innovative agency has built for itself. Contact: Dr Christian L. Glossner Company: Congentis AG Web Address: May21582 Issue 7 2021 9