Issue 8 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 8 2019 17 , Jul19200 AutomationNinjas specialises in behavioural marketing automation. Following their recent success in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 where they were selected as theMarketing Automation Specialists of the Year 2019 – UK, we profiled the company to discover more about the innovative solutions they consistently provide. Changing The World By Changing Small Businesses Founded in 2014, Automation Ninjas supports small busi- nesses in helping them achieve suc- cess through understanding be- haviour and creating strategy for ethical and profitable marketing automation. The company helps businesses to increase lead qual- ity and conversation rates, gain more clients, decrease churn and increase customer lifetime value, as well as all the good things that create more profits for the busi- ness and happier customers. Since their inception Automation Ninjas has helped businesses to understand their consumers and create journeys that their consumers want to be a part of. Mapping the entire custom- er journey, the company then searches for the priority areas to work on and identifies the gaps. They then use analytics to track behaviour and automate the entire journey. This enables the company to deliver personalised and qual- ity services. The experienced, innovative and dedicated group of individuals who form the backbone of Automation Ninjas spend a significant portion of their time finding relevant solutions to their clients’ complex problems, offering only the highest levels of bespoke implementation to suit their clients’ needs. Ultimately, the Automation Ninjas team are all passionate about their clients’ business and success, which is why they work tirelessly to ensure that they are able to provide them with the most valuable solutions tailored specifically for them. Moving forward, the future looks bright for the team at Automa- tion Ninjas as they hope to build upon the remarkable accom- plishments they have achieved over the years, which includes being selected in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 where they were righteously awarded the accolade of Marketing Au- tomation Specialists of the Year 2019 – UK. Looking ahead to what the future holds, the Auto- mation Ninjas team will continue to deliver an impeccable service to their clients, ensuring that they not only deliver the desired outcome but also surpass all expectations. Contact: Kenda Macdonald Company: Automation Ninjas Address: Stone Cottage, Radstock, Somerset, BA3 5SA, United Kingdom Web Address: