Issue 8 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 8 2019 25 , Jun19229 IgnisTec offers a newway of connectivity on the future Indian compliance. Recently, the firm found success in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 where they were selected as India’s Artificial Intelligence Innovators of the Year – 2019. On the back of this win, we profile the firm to discover more about the extraordinary services the team consistently delivers to their clients. Igniting Passion and Creating A Future Since their inception, IgnisTec has spe- cialized in the field of designing advanced peer-to-peer systems that are backed by block-chain technology. Combining their User Centric approach with their strong research and development meth- ods, IgnisTec strives to contribute into the technological revolution that is going to transform the ways industries operate in the future. Today, the firm have a number of platforms offering an innovative service to clients. One of the plat- forms is Social3, an online news journal specific to crypto-block- chain future in India. Social3 educates the general public on the fundamentals of blockchain & crypto-future is extremely necessary to foster innovation and together take steps towards digitalization. In addition to Social3, IgnisTec’s other platforms is Drinkmates. Drinkmates is one of India’s first social network with real world touch points. By creating an Identity, users can earn real-world incentives which ranges on daily activities, food and drinks, deals, clubs and memberships to name but a few. In addition to this, Drinkmates offers busi- ness intelligence from floor to revenue automation on POS system for restaurant/hospitality vendors, connecting them with fully equipped social networking; providing users fluid connection socially with instant services by hospitality trades. Enabling the firm to provide these award-winning service is the experienced, innovative and passionate team which forms the backbone of IgnisTec. The team consists of like-minded futuristic enthusiasts, who work together as they aim to develop strong structured AI-powered systems that are adaptive, efficient and secure to offer simple solutions to complex requirements. Each member of the IgnisTec team is an asset to the firm and one they are proud to develop. Transpar- ency is a key note for their team, along with working uniformly towards one vision and one goal. Ultimately, the firm operates tire- lessly to ensure that they all work in collaborative manner to move closer to their vision, fulfilling deadlines strategically. Overall, the team at IgnisTec fol- low a win-win strategy regarding their client relation. Promising to provide a smooth service of business automation with imbe- ded artificial intelligence layers, IgnisTec also adds their own 24/7 chatbots working for traders at low maintenance costs with a thriving ecosystem of users. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at IgnisTec are currently working on their soft launch and by the end of 2019 they will touchdown their product within the market. Moving forward the IgnisTec team hope to further expand both their busi- ness and the services they offer, especially following their recent success in Corporate Vision’s Corporate Excellence Awards 2019 where they were righteously awarded the accolade India’s Artificial Intelligence Innovators of the Year – 2019. Company: IgnisTec Web Address: