Issue 8 2019

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 8 2019 29 , May19061 On amission to redefine the market, Sitehands are an IT field services company dedicated to ensuring that each of their more than twenty thousand client sites have access to the very best in technology. Committed to increasing revenue, reducing costs, and improving their clients ability to serve customers using technology, find out why this American firmare one of the most innovative IT field services platforms of 2019. IT Field Services Strive for Success Offering their clients the platform to grow revenue, become more cost-effective and improve the types of services they deliver to customers, Sitehands see success as a mutual goal. Clients succeed in generating new busi- ness, and the company are able to provide them with technology at the forefront of the industry. With a strong client-focused approach, the company work in over a hundred countries and four thousand cities worldwide, making them a truly global pro- vider of high-quality services. Founded in 2016, this company has had a meteoric rise to suc- cess, establishing a global network of over fifteen thousand vetted and certified field service technicians to offer support for clients all over the world. Applying news ideas, expert knowledge, vast experi- ence, and an unequalled passion, Sitehands are determined to bring about a revolution in how IT field technology services gets done for companies everywhere. Using a multi-sided marketplace platform, the elite team of techni- cians at Sitehands believe in de- livering quality, no matter what it takes. Integrating technology and humanity together, this company are at the forefront of bringing their clients into an increasingly technological corporate world. The uncompromising grit and determination also mean the field services firm is able to impact and inspire economic growth in the local communities that they serve. Sitehands and their technicians are committed to helping their clients grow their company with minimal risk. Through the multi-sided marketplace platform, clients can gain access to a global network of highly-skilled and vetted delivery partners. Enabling their clients to deliver more services to existing cus- tomers as well as bring in new business, the platform offered by this company can connect and expand even the smallest of businesses. Not only performing work for the largest financial institutions and Fortune500 companies, Sitehands OnDemand service is built to serve the unplanned and short-term IT needs any company encounters every day. Whether a global corporate firm, or a small independent business, this field services firm are always on hand to deliver high-quality service to all clients. The com- pany are prepared to respond globally to all IT emergencies and quick services alike. The readily-available technicians won’t stop working until the client receive the best quality outcomes. Clients can expect transparent pricing, high-quality service, and ownership of every transaction. The company call on their global network of twenty thousand technicians to ensure that whenever and wherever an IT emergency arises, they are the best-equipped firm to deal with the problem. With a dedicated app, using the team at Sitehands is easier than ever before. Creating and submitting a service request in a few simple steps, clients are then paired with a technician in the local area who is quickly on hand to deliver high-quality service. With real-time pricing, clients are always informed of the cost before submitting a request, ensuring no nasty surprises upon completion. Every single work order gathers an analyst, dispatcher and the assigned technicians into a group chat where client support is readily available, all year round. Designed for offline use, clients can commu- nicate even whilst working in an area of no wireless connection or mobile data. This company strive to ensure that clients can reach them whenever they need them, making themselves available at a moment’s notice. The resounding success of Sitehands is largely down to their unrivalled, client-centric approach to business. Whether fixing, mov- ing, assessing or installing, this global network of highly-trained, certified and vetted IT technicians are always on hand to deliver the very best service to their clients. Company: Sitehands Contact: Jaimie Anzelone Website: